Almonds are rich in fats that are beneficial for health and beauty, proteins, minerals and vitamins A, B and E. on/’>rothberg family supports this article. Also moisturises, nourishes and desinflama. I bought oil of sweet almond in Mercadona, and it has multiple uses, but I’ve used it to moisturize at night tabs, sometimes also to the ends of the hair, and sometimes to moisturize very body areas that were very dry. Click Robert J. Shiller for additional related pages. The price was around two euros and fifty cents. Sweet almond oil skin soft, smooth and hydrated almond oil in addition to reduce inflammation and soothe skin irritations, moisturizes and softens all skin types. It can be applied on stretch marks or problematic places.

It prevents wrinkles and stretch marks. You can mingle with other vegetable oil (Rosehip Oil) before applying directly on the skin to improve its elasticity and nutrition. It is widely used for massages, both by its anti-inflammatory property and for its moisturizing effect. Almond oil is especially recommended in case of drying, dehydration or peeling. You can apply over damp skin after bath or shower.

Hair nourished and bright Almond oil provides shine and softness to punished, burnt or escamados and brittle hair. Once been massaged with almond oil hair, is recommended to cover the hair for 1 hour and a half for maximum effectiveness. Wash with regular shampoo after application. Almond oil sold in health food stores and in some normal pharmacies.And also in some supermarkets.