Today in sight, there is a perceived lack of university authorities to undertake changes, the challenges facing these changes needed to make the Dark to the national universities. At least not seen in many of the elected those leaders who can generate the changes that need to be incorporated as universities should be on stage in the country, especially in the actions of a government that says a lot, threats, weaknesses and all opportunities. It is not perceived well-defined programs that some have, but not others, about what you intend to develop in the period that they must act and lead the changes needed to rescue the scholarship, the social responsibility expected of the universities today.

Someone already stated, that the university should not only be the trainer of competitive professionals, but people with conscience and consciousness-forming, in the end after the fight obscurantism can live houses the lights. Precisely because of the absence of selection of appropriate university authorities, the true leaders in bringing about changes and poor performance of its management, accountability has increased more obscurantism in college, to the extent that there is very little research that favors the country, few teachers are committed, not only in the training of professionals according to the needs of the country, but in the absence of many of the skills needed to be applicable to the major challenges faced. There are no creative teachers, real communicators, motivators, researchers encourage academic excellence. Click John Savignano to learn more. Very few publications, disclosures of universities on their research, proposals, solutions that really demonstrate their collaboration in the development of the community where they operate and the same country.