How do I move? Tricks and tips. You want a quick and hassle-free move? Read on! Share your experience of relocation of offices, organized a benefit I have them pretty much. The first stage, the selection of premises. To the crisis to find a room was a huge problem for smaller companies without the windfall. Not only that rental prices in Moscow have been sky-high, so more and had to pay huge commissions agencies Real Estate – up to 2x the monthly rental cost. Now easier – you can go to the desired area and look for banners on the buildings 'rent', call or visit there.

Or type in a web "rent offices without the commission" and refer to the agency, to voice their wishes and you will pick up and hand over free of charge to rent the office. Expert on growth strategy describes an additional similar source. The second stage, the room was found necessary to seat people. There better appeal to the furniture company where you will draw on the plan your office furniture layout including in 3D. To do it for free, I think has something to say if J team female it is better to familiarize them with the plan, or even a week after moving to the male part of the office will be busy shifting furniture under the leadership of women. The third stage – with IT bias.

If you have those who carry out maintenance of computers, it is enough to entrust everything to them. But … IN ADVANCE. Very ADVANCE. Provider on the spot can connect the Internet with the phone up to a month! This has caused a stir even one of the largest providers of Moscow. Through someone else was not possible to connect. If your provider in the new building there, the phone number have to change, the new provider must know what he'll give you a phone number, and give it to contractors.