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Good House Projects

Plant a tree, raise a child and build a house. This proverb is known from ancient times, it's always been a measure of a successful person who was able to live a life full of both do much! Whatever you say, the problem is not easy, what's your kid grow up, what you will have a house, and how they will think of you people in the future. Building a house is a very responsible and hard work. A house should reflect the spirit and character of its owner, it must be convenient and practical, but it should be reliable and strong, stood to more than one decade, reminding people about you, as a great man, not giving a crack in the foundation two years later. Key to successful construction of this Quality project your future home! Why house projects? Firstly, it gives an opportunity to clearly present what you see on the construction, and will guarantee that you will not incur additional costs related not provided inadvertently circumstances.

Secondly, the projects at home or cottage projects will, if necessary, to prove that all disasters have occurred through the fault of the builders, and not because of incorrect calculation of loads and the thickness of the walls or selecting a building material. Of course, the house projects and need to do to get permission to build a country house. So, where you can take a project home? The project can be ordered in an architectural office or take the finished model project at home or cottage with its subsequent adaptation. Unfortunately the creation of individual project, is very expensive. Now the west is very spread is the second way – buying a typical project home or cottage. What advantages does it give? You save your money, you will have confidence in the house, since such projects are time-tested, and Also, you can really look at your future home, peering into the living room, looking interior kitchen, etc. How to choose a project of his house? On it you can read more on the site parthenon-house.ru. At the same site you can acquainted with a large selection of typical suburban home projects, projects of cottages, will be able to pick the most suitable for you, which will satisfy all your personal needs. In this online store you can buy ready-made house designs created by the best architects in Russia and Europe. We wish you a successful construction of a country house, let your future generation remember as a man who lived life is not pointless!

Front Door Functions

At the entrance door is always entrusted many commitments! Good doors to protect against intruders, to keep cozy in the house, while his whole manner showing hospitality and exquisite taste of the owners. It is hard to argue with the fact that the front door – a sort of "calling card" apartments and an important part of the facade a country house. Therefore, today the concept of "good doors" are equally determined as technology and quality of design and aesthetic component. Entrance doors: the functions and types, depending on location, the doors are divided into internal and external. Exterior entrance door is an element of the facade and should be made in the style of general decor of the building. By the outer doors are also increased requirements for thermal protection, reliability, security, sound, durability, due, of course, their location in the building. After all exterior doors are exposed to precipitation, fluctuations in ambient temperature, ultraviolet radiation, winds. Therefore, the materials used to manufacture and furnish such doors must have all these characteristics, as well as provide security.

Internal doors are functionally separate rooms within a building. These are special requirements for reliability and protection against breaking and entering. But the finish inside the front door can be chosen freely depending on the imagination and desires of the inhabitants. The quality of the inner door depends not only on material from which made the door, but equally on components. For excellent performance and a harmonious form of internal door furniture should be chosen a reliable and suitable for the style.

Types of Interior Doors

As already mentioned, interior doors made of wood – a classic. After the tree is the material that has become part of human life even if he did not know about the metal. That is, included in his everyday life many years ago. AND Today the tree – it is the most popular material, used in construction and decoration. Wood is expensive. Therefore, we can offer the type of composite materials that mimic it. For example, laminates and MDF, melamine and ADI.

These doors are not only cheap but also long served. That is why every store interior doors offers a variety of door designs of these materials. Doors made of plastic are also popular. They are low cost and variety of design, since this material can be dyed in any color and give it any invoice. But in Russia, such doors for some reason are mostly used in offices. While the Europeans happy to get them to their homes.

Doors of metal – novelty of the domestic market. For example, Hormann – a structure made of steel and aluminum. Moreover, they may look like a solid barrier of galvanized sheets with honeycomb filling. But can be made as elegant boxes with inlays of wood and glass. There are also glass interior doors. But they have always edged with other materials. Miscellaneous and finish doors. So, decorate them as a cheap synthetic, and natural precious components. For example, a wood veneer. In this case, the price equals the price of the selected door for veneer wood. The most expensive rocks are sandalwood, oak and mahogany. Artificial finish – it's in the first place, laminate flooring. It is made of fibrous material structure, which saturate the resin artificial origin. That is why the surface Laminate shines. However, the decorative features are not the only feature of the finishing material. Laminate perfectly clean, not afraid of the effects of environmental, mechanical and chemical influences. That is why it is actively used in various operating conditions.


Cornice for Japanese curtains can contain from 3 to 6 lanes. Panels must have a width 50 – 150 cm panels can be working (pass) and fixed permanently. When management will only move the working panel. Cornices can make the system razdvizheniya curtains diverse. With the decrease or increase the amount of eaves can simulate design apartments. Japanese curtains, Fabrics are fastened to the eaves often using tape. Which makes it possible to replace some other curtains or remove drapes for the Japanese wash.

The location of curtains to the cornice, closed with a line or blend. Colors fabrics mainly are those colors that can be found in nature. Often there are curtains with pictures, can be depicted trees, flowers, birds and much more. By the way, very interesting look at Japanese curtains indoors, in a minimalist style. The window that is covered blind, must necessarily be large and wide, otherwise the Japanese curtains will not look as effective.

Japanese curtains can serve as an excellent screen in the room which will hide a floor area from prying eyes. When servicing these curtains do not require large amounts of time and effort. Material is easily removed for washing and also, without difficulty, hang back. They are poorly collect dust and do not need intensive care. Assembly and integration into the interior of the Japanese curtains can be unprofessional installer. Japanese manufacture curtains easy. In the bedroom, or baby you can experiment and sew panels of fabric in different colors. Even incongruous, at first glance, the shades of fabrics can bring to the interior of juicy flavor. Slightly transparent fabrics can be used to enhance the light effect. If you are a supporter of the classical decor, Japanese curtains You is not a hindrance, because their design is much more convenient and practical than the classic sliding curtains. Put on the edges of the window pane, Japanese, instead of the usual curtains. Thus, rigorous and concise Japanese panel will make an ideal interior room. For panels suit fabric with large figures, they are not broken folds, if desired, Japanese curtains can combined with the usual for us transparent tulle curtains. Japanese curtains in its diversity, the breadth of design, they are a record for the freedom of imagination of the designer and the ease of implementation. Materials which are used for the manufacture of Japanese curtains: Natural – Jute and bamboo weaving subtle. Fabric – linen, silk, cotton, rice paper. Synthetic materials – plain fabric, jacquard. Major accepted – textures that mimic the natural bamboo weaving, and synthetic fabric with inclusions of natural fibers (on our web site design submitted flat photos and comments). Japanese curtains advantages: Japanese curtains Animal little space. Easy to clean. A variety of colors. Perhaps the only drawback, which the Japanese have curtains – this restriction in the geometry, as a pure Japanese style of interior design does not provide no geometric solutions in addition to curtains rectangles and squares.

Spatial Illusion

There are many methods of adjusting the space. We have grouped them according to purpose, depending on how much effect you want to achieve: to increase the ceiling height, room to expand, or vice versa – to reduce the flat. Many of us live in small (let's call them compact) apartments, and dreams of a better, that is, the larger space. If you have no immediate plan to move into a new spacious apartment, and the scope exists for you (your family) is narrow, it's time to take a "repair by the rules." There are several effective ways to expand the apartment, which do not require redevelopment. Adjust the space allows the color and texture of the main elements interior lighting, mirrors and glass surfaces, ornament, the direction of the lines. Converting apartments should start with cleaning up: fewer parts (vases, piggy banks ridiculous, candlesticks, frames, photographs, figurines and the like) in a room so spacious than it seems.

This means that there is a great excuse to get rid of all that many years kopilos on the shelves, but has not been used for other purposes. This also applies to furniture – for a small apartment would be the best style of "minimalism", so popular in the West. No need to clutter the room, leaving only the most necessary, if possible, use the built-in and transforming furniture, thanks to which free space will be more. Choose a sofa with low back and chairs with open handles, which reflect light.