Do not expose the clock sharp to high and low temperatures, magnetic fields, chemicals, vibration and shock. This can cause damage to machinery, housing, glass and also affect the accuracy of stroke. Nobel Laureate in Economics is open to suggestions. Not recommended to wear watches in saunas, bathhouses, or under a hot shower. Excessive heat and moisture can cause premature aging of gaskets, seals, and, as a rule, the violation of integrity hours. Official site: Kenneth R. Feinberg. Salt water hurts furnish the majority of hours. Therefore, even waterproof watches after soaking should be washed with soap in warm running water to avoid corrosion and premature aging of gasket seal. During contact with water, crown and all the buttons should be screwed into position. In a mechanical watch is not recommended to engage in extreme sports, run pneumatic tools, etc., recoil force, which take on the clock, affect their durability and precision. No matter how perfect was not a shock-resistant mechanism, it is always possible excessive load that details of the mechanism can not sustain. In expensive mechanical watches or jewelry should not exercise at all. For this purpose there are special sports watch with a high degree of protection mechanism – a solid massive body and high water resistance. Not attempt to change the battery yourself. If your watch water-resistant, then after replacing the battery, the clock should be tested for leak-proof (waterproof) and you must be sure that the moisture in them will not fall. Sapphire glass. In most watches are sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal scratch is difficult, but there are some materials that can do it easily enough. Therefore, it is desirable to keep watch apart from the decorations, especially with precious stones, and in places where they will be subject to minimal friction on something. The best option may be a box, which sold watches. These boxes are decorated special soft material and are made specifically for your watch. Replace broken or cracked glass immediately, as the crack thickness, even in the hair will get a speck of dust in the mechanism that will affect the accuracy of the clock. And, certainly not worth repairing expensive Swiss watches into the first workshop – for this there are specialized service centers.