Between humanity and security I can fight Afghanistan – just something, what I understand and know. Terrorism is like a ghost, I know it’s there somewhere, but I can’t see it. I wish I had more information in a language which is also with me. (Statements of experienced special investigator) from the content: no longer just State orders and citizens of a country are affected, but also companies, authorities and organizations that send staff to crisis areas or engaged there economically. Official site: Gavin Baker. Global terrorism knows no objectives easy-to-recognize – a Danish Embassy in Pakistan, a nightclub on Bali, suburban trains in London and Madrid, a synagogue in Tunisia, a Sauerland – cell in Germany. Everyone should be clear that it can meet today in principle each person at any place at any time.

\”Security is a basic need of the people and a classic collective good. Because first and foremost the State the obligation falls to the security to ensure that its citizens, the term today is a central theme. To highlight is at this point that not only since September 11, 2001 the peacekeepers inside and outside the responsibility of State structures. Today, people give up a considerable degree of individual freedom. You submit to more or less voluntarily all possible rules, regulations and restrictions in the hope to gain security.

However, only the simple question leads to the definition of internal security and protect against whom and against what\”quickly into a psychological minefield. The current threat situation of global terrorism forces today, every rule of law with competent obligation appropriately on these threats to respond. A successful security policy is today not only judged to punish acts of violence, after they have happened. Instead she is measured rather’s ability to be successfully preemptively, to acts of violence in the run-up to to prevent. Study of Afghanistan in this study to try to describe the current situation in Afghanistan, without thereby neglecting to look into the past and to ignore the possible future.