Portal solution for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) administrators Kloten, 14.12.2010 WINWORKERS presents its portal software MyDeploy 2010 Admin Edition (RC). The product is intended as release candidate first administrators in large companies and SMEs. Everywhere where the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) in use, provides a web based solution MyDeploy for quick and easy distribution of software and operating systems, and for the configuration management of clients and servers. The experience of our consultants with SMS and SCCM is incorporated into the development of MyDeploy, that is why I am particularly, that we can now finally compact offer our tools as a portal. As System Center specialists, we work daily to improving the deployment workflows in large enterprises. Here it comes always to standardize the day-to-day operations of IT and to save costs. This is the scenario in which MyDeploy worldwide closing a large gap for me is.”said Roland Hubinger, CEO WINWORKERS, on the occasion of the launch in Zurich/Kloten. MyDeploy was created from a collection of tools that had been developed initially for the work at the customer of the WINWORKERS.

In the context of a Web-based, delegated administration features such as client deployment, server deployment, software distribution, and-Paketierung, as well as the creation of collection facilitate the day-to-day client management. In most cases, a configuration of processes from the console of the SCCM is superfluous. Thus arises a time savings and a substantial simplification in the handling. A higher degree of automation for deployment processes results in addition to the economic benefits. Roger Zander, SCCM expert at WINWORKERS and spiritual father of the most MyDeploy tools, explains the success of his work: the use of MyDeploy reduces the error rate in the configuration management and thus brings a measurable relief for Admin, user and help desk. We put our tools in Microsoft System for a long time Center a clients.