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You can do this by conducting the following experiment: by calling the agency by phone, will provide us some fictitious information and express wishes, which is obviously impossible to find a job. For example, say you a simple driver who wants to change career and get into a major commercial company, preferably in a leadership position, such as "head of the transport service." If you immediately expressed their willingness to help, so cooperation with this agency is inappropriate. If you are asked to leave a deposit before you send in for an interview, take some time to panic. Today, most agencies are protected from the kind of dishonesty customers. One only has to remember that your mortgage is property and should be returned to you. Details can be found by clicking Professor Rita McGrath or emailing the administrator.

I should add that if you want to find work through agencies in Russia, then the new law on licensing you have gone one way of assessing its Integrity – to check if the license for employment. If you promise to find job abroad, it makes sense to check the license. However, this criterion was never reliable, and is not suitable for all cases. So, if without a license is almost certainly meant that in front of you cheaters, its presence is far did not mean that it is not. If you decide to cooperate with the agency paid, you will need to take care of contract. You should know that your relationship in this case is governed by the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and have a contract for paid services.

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New conditions have facilitated recruitment agencies work with the applicants. Afraid to stay out of work in general, they agree even on those positions where the salary increase at all will not. Employers CMS, however, do not forget that this is crisis, and he always has more disadvantages than advantages. No doubt, many employers will reduce staff. Let's see what organizations are most exposed to this. Of course, especially those that are heavily depend on loans.

So, it's: * Banks and insurance companies, they lose significant funds, because forced to cut * marketing and advertising agencies, in a situation where you need to optimize costs, organizations are spending less on advertising. * Construction companies, do not forget that the crisis began with the collapse of the mortgage market. * Recruitment agencies, job preference will be given to closing the internal department staff. * Industrial company at a time when production falls, often a factor of 2, there is no need and a large number of employees. * Travel agencies and spa company.

Foreign again becomes a luxury especially in light of the fall of the currency. In addition, trips to resorts for employees will also be purchased in smaller quantities. It is expected to reduce or at least lack of wage growth. Many times decrease the number of vacancies in the market. Who better luck? Reducing consumption and production will undoubtedly fired by companies focused on manufacturing. Become less effective population. Consequently, the crisis will increase the struggle for this category of citizens. And to be able to compete effectively, you must have experienced managers. Them something and should get lucky. Perhaps they are the only ones worth waiting for wage increases. A bright future … The country's authorities have repeatedly complained that the wages in recent years, growing far faster than productivity. Unfortunately, no different for the better and the region of CMS. It leads to the fact that the competitiveness of Russian enterprises will fall. Reducing wage growth, the crisis must align this trend, in the long term impact on the best way of life and welfare of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, and and hence our countrymen. Someone worse You and I were lucky. CMS will work on! Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk – City resort. We live and work through the bowels – mineral springs, therapeutic mud and etc. In the next century, they do not dry out, and treat anyone we need to be. And there in Russia, town, existing at the expense of urban enterprises. Many of these companies is not very easy to live in crisis. Some are on the verge of closing. In the case of dismissal of the people simply have nowhere to go. What we wish our fellow job availability, and of course speedy recovery of the economy!