10 Tips for Writing a Press Release to the attention of the Media We often encounter the problem of the need to publicize your product or service and do not have enough monetary resources to address a media advertising campaign massive and important. This implies that we do not reach our potential customers effectively. But there is a way to reverse this situation and what is more much more effectively. Do not miss the power of the press releases. What is important in a message? I think I will agree that one of the most important points is to ensure the credibility of the reader. This is currently taken into account by many companies as the over-communication often advertising is generating a kind of consumer indifference.

So, although it s real through advertising we can have a major impact on consumers, we require a large budget. Now, it is preferable in the eyes of our potential customer? We speak well of ourselves or to do a third? It is undeniable that the credibility of the press is superior to generate publicity and prestige that makes it much more profitable then the advertising investment and more fulfilled this function to have us s in the memory of the client. But how do we achieve this? First, making him the job to the press, whether oral or written. The environment in which we disseminate our work must meet with the ease and speed of quality material available with minimal effort. And what are the requirements for material that meets the quality parameters required by the media?

Here are some tips to the aspects that you should consider: Ensure that the information is news. That is, is novel and relevant to the public.