Today Maicao presents itself based on several aspects that makes any city promising, vigorous and far from the misfortunes that he predicted when he finished the trade boom of the seventies. These are some reasons to believe in the future of “The Land of Corn”: 1. Its multiculturalism: the maicaeros communicate in several languages, attend churches of various religious denominations and its members live together in a brotherly hug and happy colony of the largest Arab country, hundreds of African descent Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Santander paisas laborious and enterprising, a tiny group of Chinese and some Ecuadorian indigenous Wayuu our beloved. In Maicao there is also one of the most important chapters Zenu all that exist outside the borders of Cordoba and Sucre. Maicao is undoubtedly a tribute to racial diversity.

2. Maicao young and proud of city living in Maicao currently three generations. The first is that of immigrants who made their settlements and are proud of the city that helped build the second is that of their children, the first generation born maicaeros who began to write their own history since the time opened their eyes and looked around and found a people pleasing, generous and kind. In the third generation of more “big boy” should be in the twenty years and is composed by young people from about twenty years, they have a strong sense of identity and a high sense of belonging as maicaeros. 3. Maicao that growing: At present about 150 thousand people live, walk, breathe and dream in the nearly one hundred quarters of its urban area. Growth has not been properly ordered, it must be said, but the capital of the border was extended to give shelter to those who are here to stay and those born on its soil.

4. A Maicao-Maicao: long lectured to Maicao is the title of “City of a floating population” this evil myth was used even to deny certain rights to which had access by virtue of its population. After the crisis of trade in the nineties and early twenty-first century the population stabilized and now we can say that whoever is in Maicao, will be forever. 5. Maicao resilient: Maicao economy was like a roller coaster with some extreme ups and some downs impressive. Even in some periods their situation looked more like a slide because it entered a period of irreversible decline in their business. But there is something that makes it in a special land: facing a crisis and again and always survived and was strengthened. Today Maicao has a vigorous life and learned not to live off the sale of foreign goods. Gone are the days when he ran ahead of the death certificate. Today he provides not only a long life but he sees a bright future built by a proud generation of his own.