Neighbors of the Santa Cruz Palma has resumed an old habit as the decorating the balconies of the city with plants, giving a colorful as years earlier that he did not remember to the historic center of the city. The initiative has started in a particular way by the neighbors and merchants of the city who want to thus improve the presence of the place. In recent years it has again become fashionable this type of decoration on many facades of private homes and commercial establishments that make up the historic case, coupled with the ancient tradition of pampering the inner courtyards with all sorts of vegetation. The own mayor of the town has been valued very positively this initiative. the effort of conservation and care posed to individuals and that undoubtedly contributes to beautify the streets of the city and to highlight the uniqueness of its traditional architecture, said Sergio Matos. The Tenerifian municipality is one which more emphasis on promoting the image of the city through the plants. In fact, also be celebrated in may, a parade of flowers and even what is known as the battle of the flowers. In short you if you have a family member or friend in the town won’t have doubts in sending flowers since we are sure that it takes very good advantage..