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Pablo Freire

When it is said while still alive pertaining to school and society, does not have as not to cite the master Pablo Freire (1999), when it says that the alone education does not transform the society, without it neither the dumb society. If option is progressive, if it is not in favor of the life and not of the death, the fairness and not of the injustice, the right and not of the will, the convivncia with the different one and not of its negation, another way is not had if not to live the option that if it chose. To incarnate it, diminishing, thus, in the distance between what one says and what becomes. As if it can observe, the relation family X school requires, then, of the professors a taking of conscience of that, the meetings based on subjects theoreticians to speak of the problems of the educandos, on low notes, do not provide a beginning of partnership. The school must search to construct by means of an elaborated and conscientious intervention the creation of reflection spaces and experiences of life in an educative community, instituting above all the approach between the two institutions (family-school). In the only Paragraph of Chapter IV of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent (BRAZIL, 1990), it says that ' ' he is right of the responsible parents or to have science of the pedagogical process, as well as participating of the definition of the proposals educacionais' ' , that is, to bring the families for the pertaining to school conviviality already is prescribed in the Statute of the Child and of the Adolescent what this lacking is to materialize it, it is to put the Law in practical. Family and school are abutments to the human being; they are signals of existencial reference. A leading source for info: Professor Rita McGrath. How much better it will be the partnership between both, more significant will be the results in the formation of educating/son.

Corner Reading

The study was conducted at Samaritano Hidding place of the Aconchego Complex (the Samaritan Complex Snuggle Corner), in Frank. This institution is an alternative that aims you provide temporary housing and residential characteristics provide the opportunity you participate in community life through the uses of assets and resources available. The Corner you serve 54 children and adolescents, who were living away from parents in court. We used questionnaires you collect dates and interviews. Keywords: Socialization; reading; writing. Read more here: Robert J. Shiller. INTRODUCTION This article mentions a research to it on the social interaction of children and the activities that provide one better performance in the reading and the writing. Our objective was to observe the characteristics of the social interactions and to show that some activities and factors provide to an improvement in the process of the reading and the writing In the second infancy the socialization if of the one in more intense way which had the cognitivo aspect to be more developed. At this moment the adult must accept the fact that it by no means must desire and understand in the place of the child, and yes to direct and to discipline the child making with that they know what of them if they wait.

The objective was to understand the interaction of children of 3 the 11 years. Observing some characteristics, such as versatility of the social interactions, the cooperation, the competitive behavior and the leadership. The relation of the children with the group was observed, for this was had that to understand the reasons for the permanence in a group, the desistance of the group and the processes so that these children could interact of the best form in one determined group In elapsing of the project, it had an adaptation process. Had I number to it small of children in the second infancy and the perceived necessity, was added the objective to observe the activities that would provide to an improvement in the process of reading and writing.

Subject Pupils

Thus, to attribute a concept for disciplines, intrinsically is related to a vision matureness on what indiscipline is considered. The theoreticians will not only have to be consulted, even so are its speeches, the referencial to know the reality, but she is necessary to know what the pupils interpret on being disciplined or not, a time that the vision legalized in the familiar seio and/or other contexts, can be contradicted to the vision defended in classroom. To get resulted safe on an intervention in this level, she is necessary, still, to inquire if the professors, in way to the generating situations of indiscipline, obtain to detect the lacks that pupils present in classroom, so that they can construct alternatives to work them. Situation this, that it demands of the professor, to weave mature analysis on the avaliativas techniques employees, as much on the pertaining to school performance of the pupils as of the proper work whom it plays, in the search to construct solid bases before education, especially if premaking use to reflect if these contributes or the prevention does not stop of disciplines in the classroom. To make previous surveys on the extra-pertaining to school life of the pupils, also contributes for the necessary balance of diverse situations that generate the indiscipline in classroom, as, for example, if the partner-economic context is a factor that intervenes with the attitudes to discipline of the pupils, the familiar conflicts or if in the distance between the school and the housing of the pupils it can cause problems that intervene with the labor dispute on grounds of discipline of the classroom. E, placing as a last situation in analysis? although if it standes out that the subject this way is not depleted? , it must be examined the levels of integration between the competent parts that create the pertaining to school universe properly said, how much to the persistence in exploring more the subject, in planning, to analyze, to argue, to evaluate and to execute action to the height of the requirements that the case requires.


Of course, the sheet does not connect two points, not reversing the curve, covering one of them. But who told us about the type of surface on which to solve the problem? And if this is not a plane, and, say, a bagel or a car tire – all turns out easily. A man too accustomed to two-dimensional world. Our "voobrazitelnaya" intuition here never fails us. But when it comes to spatial representations, it begins to limp. The height of the house estimate is much more difficult than its length or width.

And tell how far away the plane or a cloud, an untrained person can not even approximately. Third coordinate – not what the Fourth! – We have yet to master and master. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert J. Shiller. The reason here is not psychological, but a purely physiological. The thing is the device of our eyes. When we look at the remote object, the specific muscles bend the lens of the eye – the natural lens to change its focal length and allow us to see the object clearly. If the muscles are tired, we have to start points and change the focal length artificially. Focusing the camera – perfect analogy to this process, which Physiology is called accommodation.

And yet in each eye there is a group of six muscles that turn it so that the direction of gaze right and left eyes intersect at one point. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Professor Rita McGrath. This is called convergence. This creates a binocular effect – we see the world volume. Stereoscope, in which regard the "bulging" image was built on the same principle.

Eugen Rosenstock

The language form is determined by the sender who in turn transmits to the receiver its message. ORIGIN OF the LANGUAGE As appeared, which its true origin? According to Eugen Rosenstock? Huessey in its book ' ' The origin of linguagem' ' , it appeared through the imitation, of the gestures. For me ' ' origem' ' of the language any is so legitimate question how much another question of ' ' origem' '. This wants to say that it possesss that limitation that is central to any of these questions: she is necessary to know what we want to say for ' ' origem' ' what we want to say for ' ' o-rigem' ' of the language. (ROSENSTOCK-HUESSEY, 2002, P. 37).

When it is said in origin of the language we have a double one felt: the language as capacity of the man if to communicate, because it is about an essential property to its species and another one through the manifestations carried through for signals, is gestuais, fisionmicos or constructed they. The significant fogueiras, the telegraph of Morse, the current traffic lights to govern the transit in the cities biggest, the double communication of the deaf person-dumb are examples, through gestures that they mean letters or of the symbolic gestures for them created and that they allow to a colloquy almost so fast how much ours. Ribot, in ' ' Evolution DES ides gnrale' ' it says: ' ' To perfect for the effort of all the thus invented language and thanks to the tradition, that transmits the results successful; but at the same time, it modifies itself, as everything that lives; when the races and social groups of the humanity if had divided and diversified, also it was cindiu in different languages. Here it is verified that the language if holds as a social fact. (RIBOT, P.

Accommodation In London

If you're going to learn English, and realized that the best way of teaching foreign languages directly into the country in which it originated, then an important factor worthy of study will be comfortable rates. After all, in order to rapidly assimilate the program as thoroughly as possible to explore the cultural values of the country, to have time to see everything and not feel tired, and have fun and maximum benefit, need to have bath or apartments (depending on your requirements for housing) where you can relax, think about what he saw and heard, to build on material covered. Try to come to a choice of housing very seriously. Of course, this choice will depend on many factors: 1. From the age of the learner (if it is a child of 8 to 15 years, then of course it is best not to leave it unattended and determine to live in a family where the children will be kept under care for them will be looked after. Those who are older than the family can stay in a dormitory, a private apartment or hotel. 2. Of temperament (some fine feeling all alone, and some are not seconds can not live without the company).

3. From the elementary requirements for housing (someone for normal work and rest enough beds in the corner and a desk with a lamp nearby, and someone does not survive a second without luxury apartments). I can assure you that the accommodation in London there is any taste at any price.