Nowadays, according to the current working circumstance, Methods of mechanical analysis which are always used mainly include sieve analysis, hydraulic sedimentation analysis and microscope analysis. In order to facilitate discharge oversize product, screen surface sometimes need tilt installed, this is because once the angle is big, material layer in the screen surface move forward speed will be faster. While on the other hand if the width is bigger, screen frame s will becoming shorter lifespan. There are three kinds of sieve for the screening machine. With different mesh size, the limitation of screen product size is different. And the level of screening efficiency is decided by the fan level of material.

Here we may take vibrating screen and mobile vibrating screen for example. The vibrating screen is mining machinery equipment with a double-degree-freedom directional forced vibration property, which is widely used in the cement industry. It has lots of advantages, such as simple structure, stable work, high efficiency and low consumption. However, in the practical application, the phenomenon of unreasonable maintenance and unstable work is universal. And after a period of using, the transmission capacity for material decreases obviously. At this situation, if the maintenance is unreasonable, the normal operation of the machine will be affected seriously.

Mobile Vibrating Screen (also called tracked crawler type mobile vibrating screen or screen) is perfect for the quarry and recycles applications where mobility and production are needed. A steep angle for the primary screen-box ensures that the majority of the material is processed in the initial impact area. The majority of the undersize is removed during initial impact. Only near-size material passes to the secondary screen-box. This may be set flat enough to ensure any remaining material is screened efficiently. Clean grade of material, at very high output, are produced as material is exposed to large screening area. The tracked vibrating Screen offers durability and the high frequency screen box for ultra-rare screening efficiency.