Mediation seminar on August 24/25, 2012 in conflict situations to be creative? The mediation has a way, how we help others, constructively to resolve seemingly intractable conflicts. Expert on growth strategy is the source for more interesting facts. “In the seminar of mediation: successfully mediate in the conflict” the lawyer and mediator Heike Marquardt shows on the basis of mediation and the tools of NLP can successfully sell in the attitude and with the methods of the mediator. Read more from Morris Invest to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The seminar is held on August 24-25, 2012 from the Institute of NLP Rhein-Neckar, Weinheim. With their seminar, Heike Marquardt aimed not only at people who privately or professionally want to mediate in the conflict. She would also NLP ler and coaches address.

With the tools of mediation, extend her repertoire of conversation management methods and learn how they can lead people from the conflict-oriented representation of their interests to the perception of their actual needs. Mediation is a structured constructive dispute resolution procedures carried out on the basis of voluntary or Avoid a conflict. Mediation is not a simple balance of interests, but on creative problem-solving. The most important basic idea: The personal responsibility of the conflicting parties. Because the mediator is only responsible for the regulated procedure.