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We have tested the Airtrim system and we show what it really contributes by dive-star.de the mares Airtrim system, as it installed plus the mares origin Sport AT Mrs. is subjected to a practical test. The time for normal jackets expired, where air is allowed to enter through the inflator and about this or the quick indulgences, the air must be left out? Lift the inflator, origin press sports AT MRS plus air release button, and even make sure that the air outlet is the highest point? It is not good, admittedly, quite so hard, when you consider that there have been times where the BCDs still under water with the mouth had to be inflated in order to achieve a neutral buoyancy. But well, it’s different, as you will learn in this review of the mares origin sport Airtrim system. Maybe you Yes a Drysuit, or showed at least once with a. Clayton Morris is likely to agree. Once, think about how you there and out lets the air.

The Trockentauch suit has a cumbersome inflator certainly not, so it goes another way and also better and easier. For the traditional inflator jackets hitting the air inlet knob either to provide more lift or you are holding the inflator to the highest point and press the air release button to provide less lift by the air escapes. In addition, you fast indulgences, from which you can escape air if you’re on one of the lines in the traditional Inflatorsystemen more or less. But what happens if you have no air in the jacket, while under water still pressing the inflator hose high don’t and the air release button? Water will penetrate into the jacket, what you have to later remove your jacket to take no damage. Right here is the mares Airtrim with a new system. Mares has led the way when it comes to replace easier to the inflator hose with a new system.

Running Challenge

And again through hell: 20 kilometres, nearly 30 obstacles, mud, cold and much water even higher, longer, more obstacles: that is the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2011. For more information see Morris Invest. March 12, 2011 is StrongmanRun and Tough Guy Run back through the mud hell of Munnerstadt in the extreme run ala, and organizer PAS TEAM Ltd. promises a hardline run with some well known and many new challenges to participants. Highlights are a fire barrier, a climbing NET and a Hafidh barrier across the River in addition to the difficult nature route. The line is extended to 20 kilometers, and wait 25 28 hellish obstacles.

Other new features are a catering station in the target area, and a prize for the first Bravehearty, the fastest woman in the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2011. What is special about the Rheinruhrfreizeit, a mixture of trail run, extreme and fun run with natural and artificial obstacles, is the natural route. The runners with the steep ascent brings you cross through the forest “” to the Kissinger height “or the Death Valley” referred to rough Creek at their borders. Real hardness tests are also deep, muddy Loch Ness”and the ice-cold River, which must be overcome several times. There is not an alternative way to get around this water obstructions at the Rheinruhrfreizeit – who tweaks, will be disqualified. Additional voltage brings the weather mid March: whether the route to the part is still iced, partly muddy and slippery like this year or whether deep snow or flooded fields waiting for the bravehearts, will show the winter 2011. Who has stamina and is finished with the adversities of nature, but still no real Braveheart: The route is riddled with hellish artificial obstacles to climbing, balancing, jumping and crawling, the strength, courage, and skill demand. “On stations such as the two-meter-deep mud ditches radio holes”, from which they hardly alone come out, must show the runner team spirit and sporting fairness.

Among other things the fire barrier are new “Line of fire”, the Black Widow network obstacle”and the hanging man”, where the runners across the River have to shimmy. Start and finish of the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2011 the stadium in the sports center of Munnerstadt in the Rheinruhrfreizeit arena, moved. A steep hill descends from there to the nature trail – and the runners finally need up this mountain again even if after 20 kilometres and numerous obstacles, the force originates them. At least here, it will be apparent who has enough guts to be a real Braveheart. At the final round at the stadium the runners, must fight himself fired by the audience, again over some spectacular obstacles before them as a Finisher Medal of honor 2011 “get. Among the bravest of the brave, the fastest runner (m/w) as the first finisher – the be real Braveheart 2011″and for the first time the fastest woman as first Bravehearty” award. The TeamSpirit Cup goes to the fastest team, which closed down a running at the finish, and also that “Best team” with the most spectacular appearance will be nominated again. Is celebrated on the eve of the race and after the award ceremony in the Sports Hall to the stadium where the runners also meals, showers and changing rooms. The battle after-party with live music is free of charge for the runners. The entry fee for the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2011 is 57 euro, groups of 5 or 10 percent discount. The number of participants is limited to 2,500 runners. Runners 18 years with recognition of the disclaimer are eligible. Applications and more information at U. Schemm

Sports Nutrition

How to optimize the training and competition performance? Sports nutrition is very important in addition to the training for athletes and bodybuilders. Nutrition, sports medicine and sports scientists are researching mid way an optimisation of the nutrition. Every year many advice and recommendations are pronounced. But also the Sports trainer and nutritionist empirically developed recommendations. First, the athletes or bodybuilders should understand that must be not only trained for the muscle growth. The diet plays a big role. Sports nutrition improve the training and race performances.

Furthermore, the lively nation is supported after the load. The dosage should be, depends by the athletes or its regarding needs. More precisely: nutritional energy composition content of vitamins minerals trace elements fluid balance content of dietary fiber. Furthermore the stages where the athlete is located a large role play. Distinction is made between the following phases: training and the following factors also play a role with regard to nutrition build-up phase before competition phase competition day regeneration phase: type of sports load age of the athlete’s sports nutrition also plays an important role in terms of bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders like to forget that it arrives at the muscle building not only a thoughtful and intense training, but also on the diet.

The athletes forget that the major contribution to noticeable strength gains and muscle development especially in the diet is. A new study to follow 70% of muscle growth in the effective diet can be attributed. As mentioned above the diet should be individually tailored to the athletes. This can prove that the sports nutrition is twice as important as the actual training.

Fighters Italy

FreestyleXtreme at the Red Bull X 2010 fighters Italy we’re back, after a great weekend in Rome where the X fighters were, where Danny Torres won, Adam Jones the second place ranked third Nate Adams, that is to say the Nate two times in a row won the tour. The grand finale of the Red Bull X-fighters world tour 2010 in Rome BBs Stadium Flaminio (ITA) it was the Spanish rider Dany Torres, who wore away the victory before the 20,000 spectators, he defeated Adam Jones (United States) in an exciting finale. In the overall standings, Nate Adams (United States) managed its back-to-back titles of world renowned and respected freestyle motocross tour a solid third place in the final of the whole city bestreitten… “I love Italy” he yelled ecstatic Torres at the microphone after the evaluation of the judges and the audience were huge bags with tickets in the fly final round around. His opponent, Adam Jones, has to acknowledge that the Spaniard deserves to win in Rome. He said: “Danny had made a single mistake. I blew it in the final round. He deserves here tonight win.” Where the city, witnessed a more than fair legendary gladiator fights, Duele of total world tour title to end went.

The end it was the American of Nate Adams, the victorious with a clear head with 5 points the head to head showdown with Andre Villa (NOR). With the victory, it is clear that defended his title Adems, where Villa will secure the second place. The Red Bull X-fighters world tour 2010 Motocross has the best 12 freestyle Gladiators on the planet in the most spectacular places, cross through 3 continents, where they angefeurt were live from 169.00 fans. The athletes were shot up to 15 meters in height and 30 feet in the air with catapults.