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Garden & Home Factory

Of the land by the hedge hogging to take little space, there is the demand often for hedging plants, especially suitable for a small hedge just have soared not the real estate prices in recent years, also in larger cities, the gardens become smaller and smaller. Of the land by the hedge hogging to take little space, there is the demand for hedge plants, which can suitable particularly for a small hedge, so what plants are either not very broad by nature or which plants can be kept narrow by a corresponding cut in the back, so on a width of 40-50 cm can be kept and still achieve a typical height of a hedge of 200 cm or more often. One of the most popular Evergreen hedge plants is the cherry Laurel (Prunus). Are suitable for narrow hedges at the Evergreen Kirschlorbeeren are suitable above all the varieties of Prunus l. Continue to learn more with: Nobel Laureate. caucasica and Angustifiolia, with regular trimming easily on 40 cm width can be kept and occur at the same time fully opaque.

Also the cypress trees are popular hedge bushes which combine rapid growth with simple maintenance and low price for many years. The variety of different bastard / Leylandzypressen will resorted in the area which can be Cypress as Evergreen hedge plants. Here there is no any problem with the hedge of hedge plants and at the same time, these conifers in multiple colors are available, so many tastes can find the appropriate hedging shrub. Alternatively the garden lover in the area of the classic yew hedge plants can use (Taxus baccata). Also these hedges shrub can be maintained which permanently beautiful, thin and opaque by a regular cut. In addition, the yew needs very little care and cut as these hedge plants growing very slowly. Also in the area of the bamboo hedge plants, you can rely on various options. Details can be found by clicking Professor Rita McGrath or emailing the administrator.

Conventional Cleaners

Steam cleaner as an ecological alternative to chemical cleaners as cleaners are so-called steam cleaner can trigger a real alternative to conventional chemical cleaners, which allergies. Steam cleaners are manufactured in different types. There are hand steam cleaner, which resemble the hand vacuum cleaner by design. On the other hand, there are floor steam cleaner, which resemble the classic cylinder vacuum cleaner. There are still steam cleaner, which represent a blend of a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner, i.e.

the steam is again absorbed in these devices directly to the loosened dirt. With the above steam cleaner models, which clean exclusively with steam, it is possible to get house dust allergies and Hypersensitivities with cleaning chemicals in the handle. The steam cleaner in the test are extensively tested in terms of handling and of the results and issued a buy recommendation for good results. The various products of from well-known manufacturers such as Karcher, Polti, or dirt are tested Devil. Furthermore, the website tips & tricks provides for working with a steam cleaner on various surfaces. Is first starting up should inform the selection of the correct steam cleaner in the selection of the steam cleaner, because not every steam cleaner is suitable for every area of application.

So you should not use steam handsets, for example, if you want to clean larger areas such as for example the tiled living room. This type of device is rather suitable to clean at certain points in the budget. E.g. dirty stoves, window or smaller areas in the sanitary area belong to the scope of application. The handling is much more flexible than with the floor steam devices, since they also a smaller tank and are not too heavy so the handy design. “Ground support equipment are in contrast to the handheld devices that are much more difficult and consist of two units: a trunk” and a main unit. Various accessories, which must be purchased partially, can be converted to the hose. This significantly expands the scope of application of this type of device. With a ground support equipment, even smaller areas such as window can be easily cleaned in addition to larger surfaces such as tile or laminate. To the necessary accessories is used then simply and cleaning can begin. Jochen Volkert-Wagner