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Bauhaus Intensive

Compact retro classics of the last seasons rejuvenate intensive colours and elegant shapes. Berlin, 30.08.2012 (PCP). Compact retro classics of the last seasons rejuvenate intensive colours and elegant shapes. The formerly dominant glasses are lightweight, technical and modern. In addition to unisex models, romantically decorated forms of technically inspired glasses for men and women gaining importance. Contemporary retro trend is to create new from the tried and true. Brown, black and neutral tones for years dominated the eyewear collections, of increasingly modern, intensive colours prevail. So, the autumn of 2012, in a dazzling spectrum is immersed, but far from the hippie.

Sportive blockings, muted UNIS with colorful coated surfaces as well as prints and inlays are fronts and temples. Many motifs are inspired by patterns and structures in the textile -, technology -, animal – and plant life. The compact Vintagekopien of the last seasons be replaced increasingly by smaller versions. Influences of Industrial design and technical finesse to create a clean, sophisticated look that sometimes reminiscent of Bauhaus designs. Retro is by no means out. You may want to visit Clayton Morris to increase your knowledge. The treasures of the past is reflected in the modern contemporary models. So the glasses in shape and size are similar to the originals. Materials, proportions, colours and coatings provide but a new, contemporary elegance.

Who is this trend towards unisex, emphasizes the differences between the sexes. Wife prefers may patinated frames in flowing forms with romantic details, man his preferences for dynamic lines, high-tech material and technical details can live. Print-ready images for press purposes as a free download at newsroom contact: Kerstin Karmakar Trustees good seeing e.

Leather Jackets By Clicking

High-quality leather jackets at discount prices. Leather jackets are among the few garments that you always like to attract even after many years. Leather is just a genuine natural product with many positive qualities: it is robust, supple, water repellent and breathable. A leather jacket can keep forever and looks even with signs of usage, still really good. Another special feature of leather is its versatility.

Between very classic and extremely casual leather jackets, anything is possible so they can be worn by anyone. To have the greatest possible choice when buying a leather jacket, is best an online shop, which specializes in leather goods. From the variety of online shops Lederjacken24 stands out in particular, because here is not only the choice and the quality, but also the price. High-quality leather jackets of the major labels can be found here at a premium price. In addition to leather jackets, there are of course also more elegant and fashionable leather garments for ladies and Gentlemen, namely leather jackets, leather vests, leather pants, Aviator jackets, motorcycle jackets and sheepskin jackets.

Once started, you can no longer stop at Lederjacken24 with browsing. The large product images and the detailed descriptions give the feeling of having the leather jacket directly to the customer. Also the big advantage of online shopping compared to buying in a store is clear: you can watch in peace, without being bothered by pushy salesmen. In addition, it saves the way into the city and the associated time consuming finding a parking space. Online stores are not only product range and price, but also the customer service. Particularly positive: Deliveries within Germany are shipping and are delivered within 2-3 days via DHL. Be paid can either by prepayment, cash on delivery or PayPal. As with any purchase in a German online shop also applies to Lederjacken24: If the goods once don’t like, or don’t like it, she may, within 14 days without stating by Reasons are sent back again. For this purpose can be by E-Mail to send a return label. Thus, it is no problem to get to try them at home all alone to send several leather jackets. At Lederjacken24 shopping for leather fashion is fun so, because one has no stress and buy without any risk with the money back guarantee. Clayton Morris often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Company contact: Studio L fashion direct GmbH Helmut Reising street of Nations 99 09113 Chemnitz Tel: 01702140425 E-Mail: Web: shop.lederjacken24.de

Tythes Renner

The temperatures hardly rise to summer values, is not only the clothing, but often also the airy footwear. In recent years a special summer footwear asserts itself more and more in the fashion world: known the Tythes Renner, also under the name of flip flops, which mimics the sound that make the shoes while running. Especially among young people, flops flip are very popular in the summer. Originally, flip flops in the main served as beach shoes, which should protect the feet from the hot sand and sharp shells at the sea or as slippers, which prevented the slips on the wet floor and infection with athlete’s foot in the pool. “Although the flip flops actually the Tythes Renner of the German shoe brand flip-flop” describe the term as a generic name for this type of footwear has become. In most cases, the fashionable Beach sandals are made of water resistant plastic and consist only of a sole with a thong and a sloping straps. Flip flops are aligned by the way on stage flip-flops, many millennia-old kind of sandals, which was worn in the ancient Egypt.

Although they were originally designed as beach sandals and little grip and protection offer the foot in everyday life, the tithe Renner are increasingly on the streets as summer Sandals about 10 years to see, like, carried by young people but also by other age groups in the spare time. Both men and women participate in this fashion trend. Why was this fashion phenomenon at the same time, no one knows exactly. The cheap purchase price, which makes possible the creation of several pairs in different colors, as well as the airy implementation of Tythes Renner but certainly are important factors.


Elegance is not to fall into the eye, but to remain in the memory. Bielefeld, November 30, 2009 – the celebration of love diamonds and high-tech ideas. Elegance is not to fall into the eye, but to remain in the memory. Since take care of not only technicians to the inner workings of USB sticks, but also designer to outer appearance, what for style-conscious people joins, anyway long together is: perfect function and attractive appearance. Boasting the exclusive collection of diamantbesetzter USB sticks by t.grah living with diamonds in its purest form. Literally brilliantly, the Bielefeld company uses the theme of USB-sticks in scene.

Made of solid metal, chromed and studded with real diamonds, the exclusive USB-sticks of by t.grah living with diamonds are true eye-catcher. The selected diamonds, the quality of which is guaranteed, in a certificate are in color Top Wesselton (rare white), internally flawless (IF), best cut, come from non-conflict areas and be taken hand in Germany. The beautifully designed USB sticks are 4 or 8 GB memory chips fitted and can be fitted with an individual engraving. Purchase jeweler quality, you can – afford this noble USB drives with and without diamonds 59,00 euros under contact address can be t.grah living with diamonds Alster path 6 33689 Bielefeld contact Thomas Grah Tel.: 0 52 05 / 10 53 20 t.grah living with diamonds was founded in 2007 by Thomas Grah in Bielefeld. His company refined according to the corporate philosophy of living with diamonds”in an exceptional combination of mundane everyday objects with real diamonds and opposes through his noble objects commodity offer dominated by plastic or a touch of exclusivity and eternity.

Finest Sound Reinforcement

Auracle sound shop music the outstanding solution for the target groups opened precise sound directly at the POS to the 11.05.2013 Temple of French luxury department store chain Galeries Lafayette in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta of the latest shopping. The Berlin specialist for in-store music shop music spoils visitors with the finest background music of Auracle sound. After Berlin, is the second House of the French department store chain that background music is played with Auracle sound shop music Galeries Lafayette Jakarta already. The Galeries Lafayette regarded worldwide as a symbol for luxury shopping experiences in perfectly styled by ambience. This means that visitors be caressed on their way through the exclusive offer of high-quality brands and noble materials of the finest background music. Shop music has equipped the different PA zones receiver for it with a total of six Auracle sound. Auracle sound meets the highest requirements and the ideal system for the accurate background sound directly at the POS. There are currently 32 different Music channels that can be individually combined all ready.

The musical spectrum ranges from indie, pop, rock, smooth jazz, lounge, chill up to minimal, restaurant and house bar. Played are the finest and latest tracks, the music market has to offer. Famous DJs such as Giles Peterson, Ben & Jamie Cullum, John Kennedy, Rob da Bank, spectrum or DJ Ravin (Buddha Bar) assemble the playlists of each channel and mix the music in London according to the specific needs of the retail trade and the catering. Auracle sound records is an excellent musical offer, outstanding musical quality and simple ease of use at an affordable price. Thanks to this impressive performance characteristics Auracle sound is both partner companies from the luxury segment as well as in the retail. The cost for the Auracle sound music are streaming system with monthly 39,00, including 24-hour replacement service, as well as 5.00 for the provision of streaming receiver, extremely cheap.