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Understanding Blind People

The workmanship is of the author Jose Saramago, romancista, teatrlogo and Portuguese poet. Impressive, comovedor, it is since already a literary landmark in Portuguese language. Get more background information with materials from james king. The Assay on the Blindness by no means is not desistoricizado. It incorporates the history of the art and the history of the man without, for this, he needs secular or space markers. The descentramento of the citizen, the multiplicity of voices and the intertextual speech still suggest a displacement bigger, in the direction of the plurality and the heterogeneidade.

Saramago makes use of a resource typically after-modern when collating the civilization principles that the blind people knew with whom they are led to construct. Restoring and subvertendo situations, the author leaves to see indistinctly in the text interrogations that stage the paradox critical after-modern of being at the same time abetter and of the predominant norms. The book comes to stand out and to alert to us concerning the consequences of After-modernity, and to rethink the relations between the human beings in the direction of the plurality and the alteridade as characteristic phenomenon of after-modernity, becoming valuable contribution for literature in the understanding of this new global context, as it affirms HUTCHEON well (1991, P.80) mentioning other workmanships to it of matrix after-modern: ‘ ‘ They have … the desire to question the nature of the language, of the narrative closing, of the representation, as well as of the context and the conditions of its proper production and recepo’ ‘. Word-key: Global context; Descentramento; Literature; Plurality; After-modernity. 1 INTRODUCTION This article intends to analyze theoretician-critical in after-modern perspective the romance Assays on the Blindness, of Jose Saramago, romancista, teatrlogo and Portuguese poet.

Literature Afro

Then, perceiving the importance of this affirmative action in the Brazilian education, from it offers of studies in the cited course and of the convivncia in the Municipal School Dom Avelar Brando Vilela it appears the idea to elaborate and to apply this project of pedagogical matrix so that this thematic one comes to be argued and from this work can open more doors so that other professors feel themselves motivated and together, pupils, professors, is transforming agents in pertaining to school community e, consequentemente, in the society. To study literature for many students of basic education is to decorate literary times, schools etc., then, they do not create taste nor if they interest for the reading and knowledge of the area. Therefore, the present project of heading Literature Afro-Bahian, is not alone or to transform pupils into writers, but only to show the vast one to know that the Bahia has, related the past with the future gift and prescribing, therefore literature is not alone to study times, but to understand and to know values that perpassam our reality are to show as the gift justifies the past and as this enriches the future. As it affirms RASP, (p.7. 2010): ' ' Literature, as well as the language where express it if, is a way of communication and social interaction, therefore it acts in diverse scopes of the society, transmitting the knowledge and the culture of comunidade.' ' Thus, the work considered here is intended to focus the afros inquiry and studies in the Bahia, therefore starting for the state where it lives the taste for Brazilian literature and too much studies will sensetize. It will also focus experience significao of the black in the Bahia, through bahian writers, excellent romances, poetries, films, personages who tematizem this history and culture, exactly that the authors are not bahian, therefore what it is wanted to show in the truth is the presence of Africa in the Bahia.

The Outcome

This being of the imaginary world, the fairy, belongs to mythology capable to carry through the dreams or ideals, inalcanveis to the human beings in so poucoespao of time. Beyond the mediators of the good, which we can characterizes fairy and its here varinha, on the other hand it also has those opponents, that is, osintermedirios of the evil, as giant, witches, wizards, between outrasrepresentaes. The main characteristic of the wonderful story is that, to aodesenrolar history, generally its personages possess reason and motivaocomuns, beyond the encantamento, that is basic part, where one to be sobrenaturalinterfere in the history in positive or negative way. In the truth, this is afuno makes that it to be so different of the literary narratives that if temconhecimento, therefore when it seems not to have more exit, the intervention appears deuma fairy to save the hero of the great conflict and to change its destination. The plot always involves the fight of the good against the evil where asoluo is found through the encantamento. In such a way, the evil acts on obem, in the intention to harm it, is born the great conflict, until the good is successful, the evil is punished etodos will be ' ' happy forever ' '. The plot of stories of fairies sebaseia for the sequncia narrative divided in episodes. In this way, if it can detach: the initial situation, when born in the kingdom atranquilidade and the personages is presented, the protagonist, suafamlia, its qualities, its lacks, its motivations and its destination, oespao and the time; the proper personages and its marcantes characteristics (he bomou badly); the conflict, when it seems not to have more exit, generally is umacomplicao in the life of the main personage; solution of the conflict with ainterveno of the magic; the outcome (marriage, rewards, repairing), sempresatisfatrio. The structure of stories of fairies ligado always brings a problem reality, that unbalances the tranquilidade and the order of the personages.

The First

The world seemed to have motionless per some seconds. A girl did not move the shining eyes nor dared to blink with fear that disappeared: small men who went and came for the beams, good, a little more than what small, he could himself be said. Creusalinda was bewitched, badly believed what it saw. He was fabuloso and uncommon! She continued lying, did not want to scare them, therefore it was not dared to move or to emit any sound, even breathed possible the least; it had entered in one settles of contentment. However, Creusalinda did not notice that it observed somebody it of its headboard, above of its pillow, imperceptible property and, bearded and with a good-natured skill, somebody also teeny. This somebody raised bracinho and it put into motion it in spiral making with that the girl it adormecesse slowly while it smiles satisfied; espiralando if was with its pilgrim’s staff.

When waking up in the following day, the first thing that Creusalinda made, was to smile. continued to smile while pixaim arranged its typical hair, placing fasteners and arresting it with some cramps. It was prepared to go to the school. At a certain moment, Creusalinda if it saw confused with what it capsizes during the dawn: truth or dream, if questioned. It did not count nothing coleguinhas that they walked to its side in direction to the school nor to nobody. If it was a dream was not real, therefore, it had not happened, it did not deserve to be shared; its was a point of view.

During that week, the mind and attention of Creusalinda had been distant. the result of this was that it took a pito, not, but several, mainly, in classroom. Talking with its buttons it saw that those homenzinhos had been an illusion, the consequence of a doidice, that is, a pure dream.