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Construction Technologies

Several years ago, when there was a pressed steel deck, he made a revolution in construction and manufacturing of steel, thanks to a beautiful appearance, ease of installation, low cost production, pressed steel deck easily replaced expanded metal sheet (PVL) is used as floor slabs and steps in the construction industry. But technology does not stand still and today there is a new technical solution to be used as an alternative to steel decking – this outdoor decks on the basis of fiberglass. Scope of plastic decking as similar to the metal pressed decks, but they have some undeniable advantages, it is primarily a lower weight of the product that has a positive effect on the total weight of manufactured structures, they do not spend electric current, high resistance to bending and impact after falling on a deck heavy object, he, unlike his fellow metal takes its original shape while the iron floor is deformed and damaged section needs to be replaced, and again, the low cost of production. Little about the technology of production. Plastic decking despite its name actually are not, production technology decking on the basis of glass fiber strands is as follows: a specially made form fits a frame made of fiberglass strands in a grid, and then filled with a special epoxy resin that then with further heat treatment hardens, then cools and is removed from the mold all the product is ready, the decks of your choice may be different colors blue red yellow green, etc. to the same pluses the technology does and what a lattice is obtained by monolithic. Due to the use in the manufacture of plastic material produced in this way produce its appearance is limited only by your imagination, as well As the steel decking above method produced stairs railings, vertical ladders and handrails. There are a variety of plastic decking is first and foremost in the industry platforms, passages, stairs, livestock farms, in construction of multi-storey to the private sector. When using any article direct active link to the source perfoprom.ru required!

Circulation Saw

This technology, unlike conventional gas, does not require the use of explosive cylinders. Unlike laser-plasma welding constructions can be done without even machining and thus receive a good quality of the edges, which naturally lowers the cost of production. Machining. When you want to cut small amounts of special steel, and no significant quality requirements for nesting, are still using mechanical cutting. For her, as a rule, standard power tools – Circulation Saw, Bulgarian, shears, rotating grinding wheels and more. Go to Meadow Bank Designs for more information. Circulation saw used for cutting profiled metal small size. With it you can get even a qualitative slice with minimal tolerances.

For special steel sheet is usually applied cutting (cutting) the guillotine. This is a fairly accurate view of cutting. Methods to improve the quality of steel processing to improve the properties of steels for special purposes, you can use modern technology of rolling. Here, Greenberg Traurig expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So, on the line DeadFlat (correcting rolling) finished sheets are processed in the cold state. This process allows you to remove the residual stress of the metal and improve its junction characteristics: the reduction of surface roughness and increase its flatness. DeadFlat lines in the world yet limited: one of them is installed at the factory in Finland. Several years ago, the company invested 20 million euros in the construction service metal center (SMC) in St. Petersburg, where implemented almost all the most popular operations with steel.

Late last year, has launched a new line in the smc cross cutting fagor, allowing cut material to a working thickness of 3 mm (this is at 1,5 mm more than in used previously), the maximum width of the sheets -1600 mm (today – 1250 mm) maximum sheet length – 6000 mm (at today’s 2500 mm). On the line is set Unwinder to 16 tons (the maximum weight a roll today -12 tons). Modern equipment smc allows you to produce a final product that can withstand all the European standards. So, on the cutting line is set in 1921 right spindle, so that the flatness of sheets twice the requirements of standards din. The line is fully automated and equipped with modern means of control, so the operator can at any moment to make adjustments in the manufacturing process. Steel for special purposes – rather demanded product, even in times of crisis and decline in production volumes. Obviously, the quality of the products of such a rental should be provided with modern productive technologies. Only such an approach would economically and efficiently handle the valuable material and give a real competitive advantage in the difficult economic situation.

Warehouse Stacker

For efficient operation of any warehouse needs a lot of technique. The most popular type of storage technology is a reach truck. However, the stacker is widespread not only in stock, but also on industrial plants, factories, as well as in stores and shopping malls. Stacker is available techniques, so it can buy any stock, regardless of disposable material. Stacker capable of lifting loads to a considerable height, which can reach 6 feet. So you can use a system of vertical stacking of all cargoes. Such a system helps to save storage space, which is a very important point, because each owner is seeking to use every inch of storage most efficiently. Manage such a device as a stacker is very easy.

For its operation and care of it does not require special knowledge. Stacker can be manual or electric. Hand Stacker is the best option for small warehouses. This stacker is compact in size, allowing it to use in even the most cramped conditions. Electric stackers are divided in turn into an electric lift trucks with lifting forks and self-propelled stackers. Self-propelled electric pallet truck is the most expensive and the most complex device. This stacker not only itself raises the load, but can move around the warehouse with significant speed. Propelled Stacker is ideal for most large warehouses with a significant turnover. The operator can walk behind stacker, monitoring his work, or is a special running board, provided by the manufacturer. In some cases, self-propelled electric pallet truck can be equipped with a special booth for the operator and a number of additional options that facilitate the work of loading and unloading of goods.

Choose Automatic Gates

Consider how to choose an automatic gate and examine at all what they are from what materials are made and why they do need these – automatic gate. Let's start in order with the enumerations of the gate and of course with the description of the materials of manufacture and design options gate. This article is written primarily for those who are going to put an automatic gate and did not know what the parties come to a choice, but also I hope the information will be useful for the lucky owners of automatic gates, because gates tend to wear out and eventually become obsolete. A little history of automatic gates, organized in August Hermann production of Europe's first steel doors. After the death of his son August Hermann Hermann (1912-1994), reviving a family tradition in the production of gates in the city Shaynhagen. Since 1951, the company begins producing garage doors on the new technology and design features. They were hoisting swivel gates, named after American inventor – Berry, who actually invented them. Elie Rieder is actively involved in the matter. This created a furore in the market gate, and the company Hormann, rapidly beginning to gain momentum. Hormann gates produces various types for several decades and is well deserved leader on the European market for their production. Herman gates are a kind of benchmark for quality and are not only a huge assortment, but also excellent quality products. The world famous factory, time-tested, gives full confidence in the correct choice of the gate.

Grinding Technology

Chipper RM-5 (and its modifications) is designed for grinding technology of waste wood chips (slab, rod, tops and trunks of wood with a diameter of 150 mm), as well as waste lumber, veneer, slab production and flaws veneer. Philadelphia Condos may not feel the same. Mechanisms of cutting and filing are combined in one package, provides a quick and easy change of cutting blades (up to 40 regrinding) and the anvil (up to 5 regrinding), the cutting mechanism has a built- sieve, which improves the grain size obtained by chipping when installing chippers RM-5 is not necessary to erect a special foundation. The resulting technology can use wood chips as fuel in mobile thermal power stations, gas generators, boilers, working at the waste wood, in the lines for the production of fuel briquettes, pellets (pellets) for the production of chipboard, wood fiber, cement particle board, wood-polymer materials, pulp, building blocks (as filler) used for smoking foods, livestock are used as litter in crop production as fertilizer. Fashion direction of landscape design is design tinted chips parks, gardens, playgrounds, summer cottages. On order chipper RM-5 can be equipped with the feed conveyor, and for removal of chips – conveyor belt or blowers, a device for sharpening knives. In chippers RM-5R and 55R RM-installed speed control for flow chip thickness variation from 5 to 1 mm. Chips after reduction feed rate (wet alder) gauge sieve gives the fraction of gost 15815-83, hole d = 50 mm and d = 25 mm chips after reducing the feed rate (dry oak), wood chips, after reducing the feed rate (wet alder) gauge sieve gives the fraction of gost 15815-83, hole d = 50 mm chips after reducing the feed rate (dry oak)

Your Account

Relatively little experience in development similar equipment, as compared with Europeans, "the experience of some 30 years or more. Sometimes, the stated performance of some manufacturers do not correspond to reality. Please visit Elie Rieder if you seek more information. Economy class. This class includes Russian manufacturers of equipment, low-cost Chinese, Iranian with the price from 0,5 to 1,3 mln. A huge plus is the cost, perhaps the only advantage. As a rule, it is used for starting and training if business will not go for any reason, then not so great a loss, you can sell used, which confirms the Internet and search engines. Elie Rieder is often quoted as being for or against this.

Cons: price advantage to be gained from non-production technology foam, foam core complexes and baking is not tight, which leads to an increase in steam flow, its uncontrolled costs that can not affect the cost of production. All the steam that is used production will go into the room, with low ceilings is very reminiscent of cartoon "Hedgehog in the Fog." Further, the low quality of the equipment, use of inexpensive components and as a consequence of low reliability. The difficulty in recording the production, the passage of product certification. Choosing a manufacturer and class of equipment, please note the following: – Availability of own manufacture – their own working set of equipment – their experimental platform, it is impossible to produce new models of equipment not them before launching into a series, or else will be running for the "Your Account". – Fix in the contract the performance of the complex and articulated by all indicators, such as the minimum weight of foam CAP-C-15. – Ask for individual payment schemes, namely the delay in payment, final payment after installation and so forth, if producer confidence in their equipment and going to fulfill all its commitments and promises it will not be problem for him, at least, should already have such schemes of work and clients who have worked so ready share experiences. – Availability of the recommendations – the solution proposed by you shall be integrated, namely, from the design, project coordination, assistance in registration of production, obtaining the necessary certificates. Selection do you. I hope this information will help make it right. Expensive than quality, expensive his absence.

Forming Equipment Production

Range of equipment for the production of galvanized steel profiles for the frame construction is a mini-factory to produce a series of profiles for frame construction and for construction and reconstruction of the loft. Mini production for the manufacture of profiles includes: line slitting coiled metal, automatic production line for hat profile height of 25 mm and 45 mm, performing role of the sheathing; automatic line for production of C and P (C, U) shaped profiles (rack and rails), as well as thermo. Forming equipment is optimal, cost effective and modern instrument for creation of galvanized profiles. Technology of light steel thin (LSTC) is combined with any conventional technology, by adding them to their advantages: high rates of construction, low operational cost, free planning, environmental friendliness, completeness of delivery to an object, the geometric accuracy of designs and a variety of external finishes. Additional information at Greenberg Traurig supports this article. Building structures based on thin-walled galvanized profiles allow you to apply shallow foundations and make reconstruction of the roof of the old buildings without increasing substructure due to its low weight to improve performance Forming equipment fitted with the device 'Flying rub''The device is designed for cutting steel building and reinforcing and ensures non-stop operation of lines rolling profiles data types. 'Flying usd 'provides the roll forming mill for the rolling speed of 50 m / min. The maximum force on the knife 30 kN. In addition to standard profiles developed force can cut any public profile thickness of 1,5-2,0 mm, width strip 200-250 mm. You may find Greenberg Traurig to be a useful source of information. Cutting narrow construction of profiles is advisable to use the device 'Flying rub' with a single cylinder, thus increasing the rolling speed of up to 70 m / min. The device is designed to cut construction profiles up to 100 mm in height and 50 mm and a thickness of 1 mm, which ensures non-stop work profile-bending lines for the production of building and reinforcing to the rolling speed of up to 70 m / min, significantly increases productivity.

Heaters Steam-

Steam water heater designed to heat the water in heat networks, systems, hot water and heating with saturated steam from the steam or low pressure steam boilers. Manufactured solar nn steam-water in accordance with gost 28679-90 "heaters steam-heating systems. Construction and principle of the steam-water heater (pp) steam-water heater is used in heating, operating in temperature conditions 150-70, 130-70, 95-70 and serves to heat the heater nn network of water vapor for use in heating and hot water supply systems of various buildings. Represents steam water heater shell and tube heat exchanger is a horizontal type (heater PP), the basic units which are: * body * heater pipe system, heater * Front and rear (floating) Water heater chamber, the housing cover * heater. Assembling the basic units of steam-water heater paragraphs by using split-flange connections, providing the possibility of preventive inspection and repair heater pp. The heated water in the water / steam heater moves over the tubes, and heating steam through a pipe in the top of the heater Nos. enters the annular space heater in the which establishes the segmental walls, directing traffic flow in the steam heater pp. Heating steam condensate in heater water / steam flows into the lower part of the body and is discharged from the heater. Accumulate in the heater pp permanent gases (air) is discharged through the pipe on the unit. Steam-heaters are made of the following types: FG1 – podogrevateliparovodyanye with elliptical bottoms; FG2 – steam-heaters with flat bottoms.