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The Advantages And Risks Of New Buildings Apartments

The real estate market is still very far from saturation. Expect a decrease in apartment prices is not necessary yet. Most of the population is still dissatisfaction with the quality of existing housing, mainly because of the constantly growing requirements for prospective settlers to their family home. Bulk buyers are more focused on a decent, quality accommodation. Number of agreeing on the premises and through- five-meter dishes, is declining. Population who identify themselves as middle class, usually wants to buy an apartment for his family in new buildings. The proposal still falls short of demand. For this reason, contrary to most pessimistic forecasts, the cost of housing continues to soar in the heights, though the house being built in full swing.

Moscow does not intend to cede its place in the top three world leaders to high cost of residential meters. Obviously, even crisis affecting the real estate market will not be able to change the situation. Expert on growth strategy addresses the importance of the matter here. In the capital, as before, the masses flock to migrants who have brought a maximum capacity of self-realization. And that part of this flow, which will be able to win and stand, there will always be willing to pay for prestige, for the dubious honor to be called the metropolitan dweller. Monotonous and planning handicap apartment buildings of the Soviet period, compels the majority of citizens make Herculean efforts to buy a home in new buildings. New homes have the potential to create a comfortable home, taking into account individual preferences, avoiding trivialities and templates. REBNY often says this. Commensurability status of all residents in the newly constructed will also serve as an important argument in favor of apartments in the new house, where neighbors would not be disadvantaged.

Popular purchase of flats under construction in the complexes. Unfinished housing differs substantially lower prices, but also increases the opportunity to choose the most suitable options. Approaching completion, the apartment is becoming more expensive and better options are bought in the first place. However, there is another side to the coin, which is unstable in times of crisis becomes particularly relevant: object delivery may unduly delayed, or construction and at all stops and renting an apartment is becoming more expensive. These negative factors have no positive effect on growth in new purchases. Banks are tightening approach to mortgage lending. The choice between the temptation to significantly reduce the cost of purchased meters and the risk of losing everything, is the main intrigue in this situation.

House Sales

Even desirable to do a little rearrangement, to maximize the space of living rooms. Pay attention to lighting in low-light room appear smaller, the ceilings below. Do not skimp on electricity in the period shown. Connect all the chandeliers and sconces. Good lighting will help agents to show your apartment at night and on cloudy days. Some contend that Richard LeFrak shows great expertise in this.

Happy is better to show the apartment during the hours when it peeks the sun. Odors can become your "trump card" apartment filled with light and fresh air, it looks attractive. The smell of tobacco, animal or litter create a negative impression. Be sure to ventilate the apartment and in good weather, leave the windows open, use fresheners air. In preparation for the visit of the Buyer is recommended to bake a dessert. Firstly, there will be an excuse calmly discuss all the issues over a cup of tea, and secondly, the smell of baking make someone else's apartment cozy and comfortable, its kinship with own home.

Remove the extra stuff Avoid clutter and chaos. Do not fill your apartment excess furniture and objects that you do not need or rarely used. Especially if you're not going to carry them on new location. Keep newspapers, trinkets and other stuff in designated places. Typically, the largest accumulation of unnecessary things there on the mezzanine, in closets, on the loggia and balcony. Concentrate on the show apartment Try to eliminate the factors that distract attention. It is desirable that during the show in an apartment attended by as little as possible of people. Remove from the field of view of animals. Let the buyer safely examine and assess your apartment, will present themselves at home. In general, in order to bring the apartment in order before the sale, not necessarily meditate long and costly repairs. Enough to make some adjustments to fulfill the general cleaning and, therefore, emphasize the benefits of your home. And if it is not included in your plans, we recommend that you put in order at least one room (kitchen, nursery, bathroom). This, undoubtedly, will give your apartment, among many other options.

Accreditation Construction

Insurance will cover damages and construction company, and investors, if the new building was a fire, or it will be destroyed through the fault of the elements or humans. Buyer Apartments will also be able to receive compensation in the event of a protracted construction or poor work performance. In most European countries the construction risk insurance is mandatory, without this Accreditation developer just does not come on the market. In Russia, a law has not yet been adopted. If you would like to know more then you should visit Professor Rita McGrath. Requirements for the company, its reputation, the statutory authority and funds to the quality of work performed insurers impose very high. You may find Greenberg Traurig to be a useful source of information. Not all developers will be able to obtain accreditation.

But bona fide construction companies prefer to go through a complicated procedure checks to protect investments and to be able to reimburse the sudden unexpected losses. How, being thousands of kilometers away from a potential developer, make sure that the company is insured against construction risks? The company-builder on his hands should be information letter from the insurer indicating that erected buildings adopted by financial risk insurance. The letter must indicate to what point of accreditation. Her term must end no before the developer plans to completely hand over the object. Provide the document (send email or photocopy) must be online or ICQ-consultant who is bound to have a firm, really interested in Distance selling real estate. Price calm individual insurance risks have traditionally shared construction is 1-3% of the value of the purchased apartment specified in the contract shared construction. Price considerable, so many prefer to take a risk and do without the optional insurance.

Relying on the builder, which issued the insurance contract construction risks, the purchaser expressly for the insurance does not pay. But in price, these costs the company still made. Given that the developer bought the insurance "wholesale" for final consumers be protected from the risks of cheaper individual. Knowing that the situation possible bankruptcy can be reached without loss, essentially saves your nerves. And how much confidence in the future – each buyer should decide for himself.

Real Estate Market in 2007

The 2007 real estate market was remembered by the increased popularity of suburban housing – townhouses, cottages and country houses have become extremely popular among buyers. Kirov Region is no exception. At the current This can be viewed from different sides. One of the reasons was that kirovchane just tired of living in a constant bustle of the city, want to sit back and relax without the noise and car exhaust. Under most conditions Robert Speyer would agree. But the Kirov – it is not metropolis, and the situation with the environment, you will agree, we do not as bad as, for example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Hence, there is some reason for it to move from city apartments to country cottages.

According to the General Director of “Perspective” Igor Saprykin, “ecology, of course, plays a crucial role in this situation, but there is one more, not less important reason: if you compare the cost of apartments and houses, then wins Last. Hear from experts in the field like REBNY for a more varied view. Square meters in Kirov rise in price every day, in this case would be cheaper to build a house outside the city than to buy an apartment. ” For comparison: square meter apartment in a rough finish on average City is 35-40 thousand rubles, while the construction of suburban homes will cost from 15 to 30 thousand rubles per square meter. m. If you have questions about the cottage construction in most cases treated people who belong to the middle class, and this there is a very simple explanation: the development of the mortgage buying a home has become available to almost all..

Types of Home Foundations

Strip foundations, the most common type of foundation for homes. Use it is recommended for relatively light building structures and dense soils. Recognize a large number of structures Tape the bases: from block-cast reinforced concrete, and mixed solid block or brick-solid, they are recessed (40 to 120 centimeters), and shallow-buried – 30-40cm. In appearance monolithic strip foundation consists of a reinforced concrete strip (for which he received its name), placed around the perimeter of the building including the interior and under the load-bearing walls. Of all the above types, most reliable and popular is tape reinforced concrete foundations, so about him and we talk in this article. Learn more about this with Nobel Laureate in Economics.

Work on the installation of foundations are beginning to split the territory and digging the foundation pit. Depth excavation depends on such factors: the density of the soil freezing depth and weight of future buildings, as a rule it is about 70cm. The width of the trench wall thickness of the stone is 45-50cm. At the bottom of the pit arrange a layer of sand 15 cm and thoroughly stamps. Reinforcement of monolithic foundation can be done very simply. Complement reinforcing skeleton from armature section 12mm in advance planted bricks, in that order.

On bricks placed two lower rod departing from the pit wall 7-10cm, and then at intervals of 40 centimeters fix the crossbar and uprights, to them (not leading to the top of the basement 8-10cm) are mounted two upper longitudinal rod, and fittings fasten them together by transverse. To build a wooden plank formwork used low-grade 2, 5 cm thick. Advance cobble together the necessary size panels, taking into account the fact that the aboveground part of the casing should be at least 30 centimeters, followed by the mount in place in a single box. All formwork shall be securely fastened. Concrete mixture for monolithic foundation can be kneading on building site, or to order the dispatch of a mobile mixer already finished. The second option is preferable, the quality of the factory above, and secondly the whole casting is performed in a single day, which is important for the strength of the entire building. The box is filled with concrete to a level line on the inner side formwork, rams and close roofing material. Proceed to the erection of walls better in 15-20 days, but in practice, work started on the next after pouring.

Buying A Property In The Regions Of Russia

As a result, a comprehensive analysis of social and economic development of regions of the Russian Federation has developed a method for constructing classifier investment attractiveness of Russian regions. The basis Classifier construction method was based on the ranked scoring (or ranking) assessments using integrated indicators of regional development. This method is one of the most objective and relatively simple means a comparative assessment of the socio-economic status of regions, allowing for simple and understandable for users of the scheme links the integral index of basic indicators. This is especially it is important to take adequate regulatory decisions, such as in regional economic policy. The apparent advantage of the method is to ensure maximum realization of the principle of comprehensiveness of the evaluation. In forming the list of indicators of regional development was divided into three blocks of indicators of systemic ('economic potential', 'production and trading activities', 'Sociology and Demography'), in the most fully characterize the level of development and the current socio-economic situation of regions. These include a comparative assessment: the overall level of development of Russian regions, states the most important branches of material production, the financial situation of the regions; investment activity in the regions and level of income differentiation, employment and labor market conditions of the regions; environmental situation in the regions; state major branches of the social sphere; international economic activity in the regions.

On the basis of this method was constructed breakdown of the investment attractiveness of regions for 2003-2004. Analysis of the dynamics of individual parameters allowed to build their predicted values for the period until 2007. Based on these figures using a ranked scoring was built integral breakdown of investment attractiveness Russian regions in 2007. Classifier investment attractiveness of regions can be estimated for each of the regions of the Russian Federation integral rank the investment attractiveness and ranks economic, industrial and social development – to rank the regions of the Russian Federation on investment attraction and identify regions-'lidery ',' middle peasants 'and outsiders' – to assess the dynamics of investment attractiveness of each region – to assess the risks of construction projects in various regions to plan the volume of investment resources and the profitability of projects.

Construction Materials

Yielding to an external high-quality charm designs handmade, home made of logs and profiled bar does not concede to them the quality of performance indicators, while possessing a low cost. However, there is one myth that you can often hear from future homeowners: "Round beam is much worse than hand-chopped logs, because with it removed a "protective layer or the most durable fiber. In fact, the tree trunk is composed of bark, sapwood, and the nucleus. Robert Speyer shines more light on the discussion. The bark is a protective layer of wood, like the skin of rights. Sapwood – it is a young wood that surrounds the nucleus, it is responsible for the supply of juice to the tree crown and the most susceptible to all sorts of biological and physical lesions. Kernel – is ripe wood, it is sap turned into pitch, and it is this part of the tree is biologically and physically very strong. According to the new technologies of modern technology for production houses of logs and profiled bar, unlike traditional technology is more complex.

On it blank for the future construction material is dried in the chamber to 18-22% moisture, and after is profiled in a log or timber. Such technology has advantages over traditional technology of the logs of natural humidity. During the drying process, forced or natural chamber in the wooden house, a log will inevitably crack. But after the drying chamber can advantageously positioned workpiece on the machine that is in place the largest cracks to make "lunar groove or compensatory drink. As a result, the walls of the future house, cracking will be minimized, and the cracks will be smaller size compared to log the natural moisture dried up in the wall. It is also important to note that the surface of the logs from a dry piece will have a smooth, polished look and will not be "Mohr" over time. Except improved aesthetics to minimize cracking in the horizontal direction reduces the thermal conductivity of the wall, house gets warmer. Risk of deformation of logs in the wall due to their shrinkage is minimized, since the logs were made even from a dry piece, so all connections and joints logs receive a guaranteed warmer.

Dry wood does not rot and fungal staining, in addition, it is better absorbs the antiseptic and paint products, which significantly increases the durability of the structure. Reduced construction time, as the shrinkage of the carcass from the dried material reaches only up to 3%, not 8.7% as the material of natural moisture, so finishing can be performed immediately and the period of construction on a turnkey basis can be reduced to 6 months instead of 1.5 years. Thus, the house chopped by hand – is the choice of a wealthy man who finds charm in massive logs of different diameters. House made of logs or profiled bar – to select a pragmatist who appreciates the microclimate of wooden houses. Log house from the dry material – choice of modern man, who appreciates only the highest quality of life.

Super Apartment

You are attracted only rosy promises smiling staff and Super-low prices services. A thorough study conditions of the contract we have, alas, is not accepted. You selected realtors regularly, once a week, provide options for your consideration, which is absolutely far from the designated in the contract. Finally, you lose patience and come into the office to collect documents for the apartment and find another broker. But officials point out to you on the item signed by you personally contract under which you have no right to sell their apartment without the participation of the company within a certain period. A leading source for info: Jerry Speyer. Here also there is another paragraph, which states that in case of early rupture of the contract at your initiative, you undertake to pay the company half a percent of sales Apartments in compensation. Now I understand that you are a victim of fraud, but the threats bring to prosecution the case, unfortunately, no progress will not lead. There are several reasons. Firstly, the term of the contract does not expired, and the firm, though rarely, but still finds potential buyers.

Confirm the fact that fraud is not possible. Yes, and company lawyer can transparently hinted that the aggravation of the situation can loss of documents on your apartment. Others who may share this opinion include Nobel Laureate in Economics. Each, in fact, it happens And most importantly, that no legal violations is not here, because the bilateral agreement signed on the basis of civil relationships. And even the court if, prior to it comes to that, here is powerless. Prospective buyer drove himself to a standstill, and all because of what is not familiar with the contents of the paper that so imprudently signed. A company fraudulently receive just 500 to 700 dollars. To avoid falling victim to these criminals, we should observe some simple rules: Never give original documents, only copies. If the company insists – it should be alerted immediately. Do not sign any paper as long as the meaning of each sentence you will not be clear. Ideally, should consult with an independent lawyer. If the company is unable to make a determination on all the items that interest you, then there danger of becoming a victim of scams. Housing fraudsters use in their work and the very latest digital technology. There are middlemen who rent apartments on forged documents, and then change photograph in the documents confirming the identity of the owner. In fact, the apartment gets a new owner. Using false papers criminals get in the middle of real estate all the necessary permits to sell the apartment. Buyers are quick, as the price of an apartment is much lower than the market. To avoid becoming a victim of such frauds will never surrender their documents of any representatives of any company under any pretext whatsoever personally is present at all absolutely transactions. And if you get a good apartment at a record low price, consider: Is it possible, in addition you get a whole bunch of court showdown with cheated owners spent a lot of nerves, time and money. And not the fact that the apartment will remain with you. Galina city. Information system BrokBand All real estate articles to BrokBand.Com.

For Rent: Nomads Nobody Must Shun

Limited liquidity and fearing loss of rent deterred many people interested in the acquisition of foreign real estate investments in closed-end real estate funds as about the SHB funds, offer themselves as a strong alternative to some insurance companies, special policies against rental nomads recently offered apartment landlords. Replace at least a short-term loss of rent and in some cases also the costs of remediation. Expert on growth strategy can provide more clarity in the matter. A market clearly exists, because it is estimated that every year about 15,000 cases cause average losses of 25,000 euros each. The dream of the good yield with rented real estate property can be so quickly into a nightmare. “But in danger not only of payment recalcitrant tenants, explains Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG): attracted by low interest real estate loans, many home buyers in a financing, which he can no longer shoulder due to lack of equity already in term stumbles.” Many inventory objects like though due to their outer appearances in the spell of pull and lead to quick buying decisions. But not infrequently is overrated behind infectious structures and a possibly existing refurbishment needs not detected, or simply underestimated.

“The SHB real estate fund expert describes the impending consequences: then the apartment owner does not have the necessary liquidity, an unforeseen renovation or repair expenses can cost many thousand euros it, that he must in turn borrow at high interest rates at a bank.” The desired rental yield pulverize themselves then formally. Yet”, so Hans Gruber, too little equity must stop anyone from the acquisition of real estate.” Investments in closed-end real estate funds are already available for manageable amounts. And with one in regard to the current market conditions not high enough to estimated a flexibility. The concept of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), for example, stipulates that only the initial investment is specifically made in any new funds. All other objects in the respective SHB funds implemented depending on result of the actual volume of the Fund and the current market situation. “Hans Gruber explains that the advantage: the Fund volume can be adjusted so any variable and fund management depending on the placement of capital and the development of the initial investment respond.” Beneficial to the SHB funds is that they all invest not in living but in commercial real estate, because the latter market is not so overheated as the private sector. The current offer price index IMX ImmobilienScout24 has just revealed how it currently is in residential real estate. Then, existing buildings in Munich have risen in the first quarter of 2012 by 5.4 per cent and in Berlin by 4.9 percent. More than the 30 times a year rent to be paid sometimes for luxury apartments.

Czech Real Estate

With the accession of the Czech Republic in the Schengen space 21/12/2008, there have been tangible changes in the real estate market of the Czech Republic, as well as in mortgage lending for foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic for citizens wishing to get a residence permit (residence permit) or the visitors on short-term visas with plans for the future in this country. In the new year there was a tax increase to build from 5 to 9%. All banking institutions, the Czech Republic raised the level of annual per cent for the use of a mortgage loan from an average of 4,5% to 5,5%. The cost of residential properties rose by an average of 10-15%. Richard LeFrak is the source for more interesting facts. Utilities also rose by 5-7%.

However, most importantly, that along with rising bank, utilities and real estate value, have opened new opportunities for foreign citizens. Since the beginning of 2008, every foreign citizen can register a mortgage on his open in the Czech legal a person not having the status of residence permit, ie, without long-term visa. In other words, a foreigner can enter the Czech Republic by short-term visa (by invitation), or a tourist visa, opening a legal entity in which he (or its partners relatives) will be the founders, then find a property to purchase and receive a mortgage. In recent months, Nobel Laureate in Economics has been very successful. Upon his return, he can safely using your registration address in the Czech Republic put together a package documents for obtaining permit and submit it to the Czech embassy in the country of residence. Get on the basis of residence permit long-term annual visa and freely cross the borders of the European Union. Prior to 2008 foreigner could not get a mortgage without obtaining the status of "residence" in the Czech Republic. Mortgage terms that are currently operating in the Czech Republic the following banks: 1.Bank sees as income of your income (wages) in Russia or other cis 2.Pervonachalnoe repay the bank the value of the property is not more than 85% of the appraised value 3.Godovoy percentage ranges from 5.4 to 6% of 4.Srok Contract mortgage loan up to 30 years 5.Summa your initial payment will be at least 15% of the value of real estate objects newly built residential properties you can look at our web site. We are ready offer you a full range of legal services related to design for you and your property in the Czech Republic. The following articles will continue to highlight innovations and news of mortgage lending in the Czech Republic.