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German Society for Real Estate

The German society for real estate your partner for real estate and asset DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG belongs to the younger companies of Bechstedt-real estate group, who over a decade, especially in the Leipzig and its surroundings, has worked successfully on the real estate market. DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG is on the – and focuses on sales of residential real estate and land. This includes that DGG both project developers and builders operates. Project development is taking place, for example, on purchased land, carried to the ready. Currently 37 properties in Markkleeberg, Equipage way for future homeowners are so prepared. Lyft understands that this is vital information. The carrier construction is carried out frequently in collaboration with Megaron building project GmbH, Leipzig, about project companies. DGG realized but also construction of carriers on their own. DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG and their management is set up so that your Headings can also be extended via Leipzig to all over Germany and neighbouring countries.

The first projects were implemented in 2006 with success. Against the background of strong and sales expertise of managers and professional staff, DGG can make investments, debt purchases, arranging financing and similar transactions and give support to property owners and interested investors. The development of DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG foresees so far no building of own real estate holdings. She buys, develops, modernized, profiled and sold real estate. The Garden City company Hellerau M.b.h.. headquartered in Dresden, Germany, which also belongs to the Bechstedt-real estate group has its own real estate holdings. DGG has also made entry in (real estate near) financial services. Here, operates the DGG AG business very successfully in the NPL and brought the second Fund on the market in June 2011. Contact: GG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG Karl-Tauchnitz-Strasse 2 04107 Leipzig phone + 49 341 2252510 email: Board of Directors: Mr Oliver Bechstedt (Chairman) Mr Frank Fleschenberg Supervisory Board: Mr Karsten Dairek Keune (Chairman)

Keyhole Internet

Competence and service contact is at the end of the real estate business has through the Internet dramatically changed. Especially in the last 5 years an enormous shift is here towards the mediation of real estate via a query over the Internet to make. There’s no question. Also if you are looking for a property, but the advertising banners of real estate portals especially conspicuous in the Internet and Web browsing. With beautiful images of dream homes even the Nichtsuchende is able to resist hardly click on these banners. According to the motto: you can even see what’s so happening in your own town. The question is thus not whether Internet or not, but rather, whether an impersonal Internet portal or a competent to serve real estate agent Munich and whose webpage may or may not? The possibilities offered by the Internet for the real estate brokerage, are to equate a quantum leap.

Per query on the Internet of the webpage is information very detailed already, from the home screen and especially pictures about the selected objects get and see. From almost any perspective, the premises are photographed and presented on the Internet. Pictures say yes we know that more than a thousand words. For example, the view from the balcony is already on the screen to visit”. Actually, it should be but questionable if you visit almost every rental property on the Internet with all the details”can. “Why has the found here actually still no protest movement, the citizens against this view of the keyhole” want to protect? Where to emphasize is that by which we are discussing this Keyhole, no little hole with poor insight in the entrance area of a property. Robert Speyer may also support this cause. Quite the contrary.

On the real estate portals, you will find not only photos of all premises, but also maps or blueprints in the range are supplied. So almost one must wonder whether privacy is preserved here still? That’s what on the one hand as a tip top services and services sold, on the other hand it clearly represents too much insight into the privacy of the future tenants or owners. Why has no one actually cares about this? But in another way, too, is questioning whether the profession of real estate Internet portals even abolish themselves? We need the expertise and soft skills of a real estate consultant, to find the appropriate rental property and to get? But, at first glance, you would think the razor sharp images, space plans and the conditions of the lease are sufficient to complete the lease then also. But it is almost as if we would buy a pig in a poke, or rather rent. What citizens believe today his eyes, say an image on the Internet? To do in times of 360-degree photography and Internet age and must consider the real estate still with our own eyes, they sensibly assess. A picture of the world can the spatial Mediate perception and the atmosphere of a real estate. The man has just seven senses and not just one. You must be no graphic designer, to edit footage so well, that also the outdated bathroom is still a shining impression. Munich property management and the real estate agent must worry about the future so even in the Internet age. The Internet portal assumes a first important filter function in finding real estate, but the real estate agent is fortunately not to replace with his expertise and personal care.

Advisor Berlin

He embodies the middle of the House and should be accordingly disclosed. Quite a few kitchen designers now offer a total package kitchen”indicating that contains optional light installations, work and relaxation areas and closed storage space. So also the floor plan allows for a harmonious design, other rooms have to subordinate the residential dining area.Stresses are can the vastness of the House by increasing the ceiling on the ground floor, as well as a large terrace which extends the living area in the green. All rooms are clear and functional. The bathroom should not immediately adjacent to, for example, from air and sound technical reasons the bedroom. Wide selection for house building in the Bauhaus style in Berlin and Brandenburg design follows function”, is regarded as a fundamental principle of the Bauhaus style. Many house party in Berlin and Brandenburg have provided these high expectations. For example combined House construction company Akost GmbH”traditional Norwegian craftsmanship with the interior design of the new objectivity.

The basic material is wood. Prefabricated wall elements is omitted, instead single piece of wood is mounted each stand and each individually delivered and expertly. So, a very high sealing and thermal insulation can be achieved. Heat energy remains in your own four walls, the running costs can be limited so very strongly. Also a certified provider inspects the future housing according to a Europe-wide recognized procedure called blower door test “for leaks. The walls in wooden frame building also have a slender cross-section a Verhaltnissehr so good ratio of floor space to the lateral surface can be implemented. The interior design focuses, in the Bauhaus principle of functional requirements.

The client can choose between 28 types of houses, as well as refine them individually. Akost ensures the completion of the building period of 15 weeks. You get an overview of the Bauhaus in Berlin and Brandenburg as also offers of various home provider in the special supplement Bauhaus “the December edition of the regional real estate journal Berlin and Brandenburg. Numerous vendors for the construction of houses in Berlin and Brandenburg are represented here. The special issue can be ordered free of charge under bauhaus. The regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg there in any well-stocked newsagents as well as on the Internet. You for more info see and real estate journal. Regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelmstr. 4 14624 Dallgow-Doberitz regional real estate publishing company is since 1996 the ED. of the regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg. Ad magazine appearing monthly in which lots of real estate offers can be found from the Berlin & Brandenburg region. The display part is by many interesting articles from the local real estate industry, as well as numerous Information about the construction of the House added. Those who prefer the modern information search on the Internet but prefer, is guaranteed to find it in our portal at. So the regional real estate available Berlin & Brandenburg as the online magazine journal. In addition, Advisor Berlin & Brandenburg appear once a year on the model house leader Berlin & Brandenburg, as well as real estate.

When The Garden Will Land

How landowners can increase may be the value of your property. Previously, was everything better? At least bigger, as regards built-up land. Not only are they of manor houses and country estates, but also of single-family homes. This applies mainly for the classic family house areas and just right for Villenlagen. The reason for this is quite simple: (is the time of the turn of the last century until the 1950s) it was common practice to build on large plots. A typical example are certain places to live in Blankenese. Detached houses with approximately 180 m stand here m and more up to 250 m living space on land of 1,200 m.

The demand grew rapidly after land has been around since the 1960s. More and more people wanted to live within the city limits and benefit from the advantages of urban infrastructure. Against this background, a type of House especially gaining importance: the terraced house. A House with room for three or four people on a relatively small Plot. Then also the plots for detached newly built single-family homes were getting smaller and smaller. Both due to constantly rising real estate prices, but also because the people less and less time for care wanted to spare their garden. The desire to live in the city, was great, but their weekends spent many people prefer outside the city. Only since the 1970s, also the licensing authorities in the Bauamter followed the trend in which she admitted the rear building of large single-family house plots.

The formation of a so-called pipe stem plot at the beginning was very hesitant, but then increasingly unused way to create land, (for houses): via a drive (the pipe stem) along one of the two boundaries, reaching the air-conditioning part of land that was formerly Garden State and now built be allowed to. Meanwhile a further legal and administrative simplification has the capabilities of Division of land, and thus the creation of land, relieved. In Hamburg the building code requires only in recent years that by sharing a plot no conditions must be created which contradict the public service regulations. The clarification of questions about land Division for example the Hamburg-based estate agency offers their consulting services Forster & Hilms Immobilien GmbH. Here is a team of real estate agents, construction experts and architects working on individual sharing solutions. Especially for land in the Hamburg Elbe suburbs between cracks and Othmarschen. Forster & Hilms Immobilien GmbH, headquartered on the Sullberg in Hamburg-Blankenese, is one of the leading real estate brokers in the Hamburg Elbe suburbs. Providing discreet villas, houses, apartments and construction sites in northwestern Hamburg, Othmarschen, these districts are big Flottbek, Nienstedten, Osdorf/high Kamp, Blankenese and cracks, is central to operations, the by CEO and founder Peter M. Forster is done.

Middle East Association

IVD agents of the regional Middle East Association benefit from attractive offers for the use of home staging. Leipzig, 01.Juli 2012 – since 01.07.2012 cooperates with the IVD Mid-East e.V., the regional Board of the real estate Association of Germany (IVD) – the strongest Business Association of real estate economy residential grade. Members of IVD Mid-East e.V. will receive special discounts on the range of the Leipzig home staging – company through cooperation with residential grade. More than 250 members of the Association and real estate service providers from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt can benefit from the new collaboration. Since 2009 we offer practical help for real estate sellers in the area of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. We have many years of experience and able to demonstrate actual benefits through our successes.

Now the members of IVD Middle East benefit from this positive development. We look forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation. “so Tatjana Ebert, Managing Director of residential grade. What is home staging fact: Home staging is the professional preparing of a property for sale or rental. Optimum preparation can be noticeably reduced the time to market and may increase in value achieved. Aim is real estate for many potential interested parties appealing to fashion and to emphasize their strengths. Home staging has its origin in the United States and achieved great success in the English-speaking and Scandinavian real estate market for years.

This form of service has increased also in Germany. Brokerage firms use some very offensive on this trend. Company residential degree in Leipzig and its surroundings helps private and commercial provider the company level of residential sales and rental arrangements, marketing and other professional services in terms of home staging.

Manager Building

Only active action can bring back an empty building in the market. High vacancy outdated building, peripherality, broker waving off almost every asset manager has real studs in its real estate portfolio. While some of the supposedly bad buildings are only 10 or 15 years old. But new houses in the vicinity have moved the previous tenant to the excerpt or were built specifically for them. What to do?”wonders of the asset manager.

There is little or no rental income, no budget for a comprehensive revitalization. And the situation is worse from year to year. Because vacancy is expensive. Empty houses must be reasonably maintained, the heating system must remain operational, et cetera. In addition to the running costs, the building is increasingly worse.

You should not wait on a spinning market. Active action is needed. Must now be brought to the building from the twilight sleep, outdated rental ideas and usage restrictions of ad acta must be placed. A new concept of use, need clear positioning and a working sales idea. Paired with intelligent communication measures and in the hand of a real Kummerers real estate Gets a second chance. And in the sea of the Lounger, the active Manager is rewarded with success. There are some positive examples from practice. You all are however based on a crucial point: on the decision finally to roll up their sleeves and to act.

Saxony Estate

Change with style – sell with success. The real estate market is a market with many features, which on the one hand real estate are in the nature of the goods, and on the other hand are determined by many different buyers and sellers. Until the late of 1950s, the sellers market situation prevailed in Germany. With the conversion to the buyer’s market at the beginning of the 1960s, the companies are forced to adapt their strategies and market behavior to the changing demands of the customers. The providers of real estate are especially challenged due to the market situation. Supply exceeds demand, so that a pure transmission of information is no longer sufficient. Rethinking the real estate application is urgently needed.

Along with a reliable flow of information is especially appealing presentation, which should be based on more importance. The real estate must be original and slightly different to be noticed. The competition and the variety of objects should be the driving force. She can move, repeatedly, to devise new strategies, to become more attractive for the market and the market participants. One of these innovation strategies is home staging. This service originated in the United States, where it is successful for over three decades. In Europe the real estate although not so long used for sale in scene, but just as successfully.

Meanwhile home staging agencies also offered in many German cities this service. Real estate prepared in this way have a significant advantage over other offerings. You can be sold faster and more expensive. In the area of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia residential degree helps private and commercial provider real estate sales and rental arrangements, marketing and other professional services in the field of home staging. The cost for this is usually no more than 1-2% of the selling price. The property rises in value by approximately 10-15% and their length of time can be reduced to half. The wishful thinking of a real estate on the part of buyers willing to purchase are often governed by constant change, because a dream home to find it hard. The customer must often look for new qualities. When a property on the market, it has to distinguish itself from the other offerings. Because already in the initial survey the customer should feel, to imagine life in exactly this real estate at an early stage. Tatjana Ebert

Schufafreien Housing Loans

future builders opt for schufafreie loans more and more people opt for a credit without Schufa. The cliche of schufafreien loans trade it is always dubious from gaming companies are over. Of course it still exists, but who are sufficiently informed and avoids deals with request costs should have no problems. The advantage is obvious free credits. Not rarely a small loan for his purchases someone before that needed. As we all know, these loans be redirected – if it is not schufafreie loans – on the Schufa.

Eventually comes the day when one decides to build and required a mortgage. Often these credit decisions fail but rather poorly due to the Schufascores for the future owner, so that the conditions are too bad or limited credit amounts are granted. Depending on the Schufa is cleaner, the credit conditions are better. For these reasons, many at a small credit opt for credit without Schufa. As a result keep the Schufascore in the green zone and if then, a mortgage to top conditions is possible without any problems.

House Apartment

Currently, the Internet offers the best and fastest chances of success advertise on the real estate. Currently, the Internet offers the best and fastest chances of success advertise on the real estate. Real estate of any kind by anyone can be searched and found on special platforms on the Internet. Without the marketing of rental and purchase objects on the Internet, the modern housing market is no longer to realize. The deferred constraint in the regions and providers ensures that the apartment search in the Internet promises the greatest success. The online real estate boards are especially so interesting, because you can rent not just an apartment, but finds other objects such as an Eigentmswohnung.A quick comparison is possible on the online exchanges at the apartment, but also the who would like to buy an apartment, can be compared quickly thanks to standardized information.

For comparing the specified price is not sufficient, because the total cost of rental objects are heavily influenced by the operating costs. We hire full-House, should a glimpse of the incidental never will forget. At the House rental, you should note that some charged directly by the supplier invoice and should very carefully consider particularly the operating costs. Want to buy full-House, the real estate portals on the Internet also represent a good starting point. The House buying can trouble save, if we not only visited it before buying, but repeated a trained construction experts as support.

In the Immoborsen on the Web not only search and offer, you can get many useful information around House and apartment. Tenant associations or sample contracts help to be able to enter into legally binding contracts. A purchase or sale without notary is not possible. Nick Baumann

Real Estate Valuation Day

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online review on March 20, 2011 the day of real estate valuation took place nationwide for the third time in a row. The annual 2009 annual action is organized by IMMOBILIENWERT24. Initiator is the expert for online real estate assessment Dr. Martin Barzel. An action for more knowledge of the day the real estate valuation is an action for more knowledge when it comes to the value of own real estate.

Consumers can make a day of real estate valuation online a free incorporation of House, apartment or land. This year’s day of real estate valuation stood under the motto: method Dr. Barzel real estate online review. He was accompanied by cooperation partners of the service IMMOBILIENWERT24, as well as licensing partners city-related real estate review portals. Online real estate review as already in the previous years, took General, such as real estate owners or prospective buyers in particular the opportunity, easily and quickly free experience to the current value of their real estate consumers. In addition to the A clue can be the method Dr. Barzel also for confrontation or estate planning real estate valuation ability quickly to determine the purchase price of a property.

Individual property valuation to interested via email got forwarded a passkey. Site-specific property values, construction costs indices, depreciation values and real estate interest rates were brought to input of key object data to calculate. Property owners or prospective buyers were an individual method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation a few moments after you have entered of the information about the object. Predominantly single-family homes primarily single-family homes were rated on this day. But also condominiums, vacation rentals, residential and commercial buildings as well as vacant land were currently brought to the review. Even apartments and houses on leasehold land left on the day of valuation estimate consumers. Repeat next year due to the annually recurring success of the action will be in the Spring 2012 for the fourth time of the day the real estate valuation take place. The motto of the event will then again be: method Dr. Barzel real estate online review.