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The teaching of standard rules is crucial, because the same way children and young people a sense of respect for the laws and rulers. 9) teaching of the constitution can be similar to the customs or traditions that parents transmit to their children. Which persist in the unconscious of men, hence the most often manifest as a result of mental structure are beings during their life, which is retained for a long period of time, in some cases throughout life. In this way you can analyze whether the constitution does men better or makes them worse than they were.

The constitution for a country represents the source of understanding that allows you to analyze the structures of the executive, legislative and judicial. 11) the constitution is not one of the creations made by the sensationalist propaganda, of being the majority of people know her and in turn the use of a vulgar way. That is, reportedly cited for a time, like a kind of fashion, then forget it at all would be part of their interests. 12) What is most pleasing to the light of reason and understanding of men, is knowledge of the laws, which are kings. If one has such understanding people understand the concept of national dignity. 13) men who possess wisdom know how to educate their children.

University Workers

It is very worrisome how obvious it was when he pointed out a fact, like the one at the University of Carabobo, the focus of investment has not been the academy but in the physical plant. This suggests a serious problem that the university has suffered in recent years, such as that for lack of good educational management, there has been a good strategic planning in favor of the correct handling of the budget, where should rank the most relevant aspects that should be addressed, as is ensuring academic excellence, research, equipment, adding also the fact that if he can properly handle the various programs of the colleges that compose it, can be obtained economic benefits that will encourage for physical plant.

The applicant Mr. Spears to rector, has a history within the university in positions he has held since teacher, dean of the Faculty of Engineering for three periods, and now administrative vice-rector of agreement has its results, indicates that ventured into what is the educational management and therefore must be able to generate the changes that the university requires to join the current Venezuelan reality, making the changes needed to rescue the scholarship, the profile, showing that a university of excellence to offer. Its assessment is very important to be willing to sit down with the national government to deal with actions that promote education, consider that must be more proactive in demand for approvals, wages that benefit the quality of life of university workers at all levels. .


Developing an explanation of the laws is not easy, so it is very risky to jump on a company that has such magnitude. In my opinion the laws consist in the formation of a design that allows us to sort the inconsistencies that arise continually in the society. 43) The people think that some laws are unjust because it affects them directly, this kind of thoughts born of rigor that feel the same. But the people did not think knowingly about the laws, makes it out of necessity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Professor Rita McGrath has to say. This creates a much deeper resentment. 44) we know that true love wisdom philosophers, for why are laws are physical representations of virtue, therefore the development of legislative practice is much more powerful and humanistic.

Moreover social scientists investigate the causes of social phenomena, which enable them to identify new causes and consequences that will be generated in the course of time by companies. administrative psychology and many other psychologies are a sham. For those who practice it are enclosed in a poor and miserable language which tends to identify things, then poderlas study. What I do not know is how you can reach the knowledge of things in its maximum extension. Because not know how you can get to the causes of material systems formed by humans. What really is completely ridiculous. This apparent science tries to identify a person and fails. I met a man who was advised by a psychologist which will reveal what kind of pictures could be done in a test consisting of eight squares drawn into what the person wanted.