Agriculture is the main economic activity of this indigenous people, even women play an important role in land preparation and planting of crops. Each family has two or more parcels, which are located in different thermal levels of the Sierra Nevada. Before the Kogi were crop rotation, but the current armed conflict in the Sierra Nevada make it impossible. 1. Wayu (Guajira) – Location: They settled on a reserve of about 1,080,336 hectares, north of the Guajira.

They have also migrated to the towns of Maicao and Manaure. – Population: 144 003 Indians. – Language: Arawak. – Culture: Girls, start menstruating, are subject to a term of imprisonment, during which time they are shaved and educated in typical work of women such as weaving and cooking. After a while, it is determined that they are fit for marriage. The Wayus practice polygamy, because for them it is a sign of prestige. All marriages are consolidated by economic or political agreement between two families. The groom’s parents pay a dowry of cattle, horses or jewelry for the bride.