Rarely, women writers were trained, a profession that was associated with high esteem. 15 there was Although no equality between man and woman, but Hammurabi granted numerous rights to women. A woman was allowed to independently conclude legal transactions, such as buying and selling and bartering. It was also allowed to lend you. There were several ways to separate from her husband for a wife. Her husband in the service of the King was a long time away, or prisoner of war, so the woman could take another man, if she could provide for their family only. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robert Speyer and gain more knowledge..

The first husband but returned, the wife had to leave the second husband and return in the first marriage. Had the husband abandoned his place of residence and leave his wife so the wife was not forced to return to the spouse if it reappeared. Official site: Richard LeFrak. A woman could also leave the marital house, when the man was living a depraved life. She could then say to the man: you shall not run with me ‘. ” A subsequent process then ruled on the divorce.

The woman was right, the wife could take her dowry and return to her father. The wife, addressed this request to her husband, but even considered depraved, she was thrown into the river. A husband could divorce easier. More info: Bruce Schanzer. He could break his wife. He had to give her the bride price and dowry. She had children, he had to give even garden and field to the divorced woman could feed their children. The consequences of the divorce were governed by the marriage contracts. There were severe penalties in some contracts. If a woman said get rid of her husband, she could be punished with death or slavery. The punishment of the man was far more humane, he could, if he said come on, five Sekel??? Pay silver to the priest.