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Microsoft Corporation

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the hostile offer from Microsoft on Yahoo by almost 45 billion dollars is pointing to the immediate future of the internet and the efforts of Billy Gates face to Google which increased 210 thousand times its value in 10 years. Gates, who announced his retirement from Microsoft from the month of June, forward set hostile bid for 18 months, just when Google undertook with Apple and the iPhone to work on cufflink. Google Earth is an example of this. The undisputed master of the internet was ten years ago Yahoo.! Two young, Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented the Back Rub search engine, the antecedent of Google. Both young men approached two Hindus to offer them his invention in a million dollars. Speaking candidly Gavin Baker told us the story. They didn’t, for when they joined, there Google and worth a hundred times more.

Today the company Google is worth US $ 210 billion and is the most popular around the world, including China search engine. It captures more than 32 percent of the investment in advertising at the network. Suede This growth Billy Gates knows that it is the immediate future. The same Microsoft, with more than 20 years in the market worth 300 billion dollars based on the permissions that sells to the use of the Windows in their different versions and its package of Office programs. Accept the hostile proposal, Yahoo it would immediately raise price and the set of the Microsoft Corporation would be worth about $ 350 billion. Google seems to lean more by the inventor of the moment, Steve Jobs to access share technology for services provided by the iPhone. Meanwhile, Jerry Yang company spread that you evaluate Microsoft bid, while the company of Billy Gates believes that its proposal will be accepted and will be in mid-2009 when announcing the completion of the operation. The carrier also to Hawks weep when they take them: Google may be worth more than Microsoft in five years.

Marrakech Apartments

You can also rent villas in its entirety for large groups and for short stays or long. Hotels in Marrakech to be the favourite tourist destination in Morocco, Marrakech offers innumerable hotels for your stay in the ochre city. From luxurious 5 star hotels in the Hivernage district, often occupied by movie stars or famous of all kinds, especially during the International Film Festival of Marrakech, to the more affordable hotels in new town or the French district of Gueliz, the range of prices, services and locations is very broad. Most of the hotels offer services such as heated swimming pool, bar and restaurant, spa, hammam and massage room, as well as the more common: room service, internet access, phone and fax, among many others. Apartments for rent in Marrakech rental apartments are normally in the Gueliz district, new town and other residential neighborhoods. They can be rented by the night, week, or monthly. They are normally furnished, but you can also find partially furnished apartments or unfurnished, according to your needs and the duration of your stay.

You can even find apartments to rent for long periods if they wish to stay in Marrakech for one season. But if your budget is limited, you will find affordable apartments not far away of the old city, or new town, quietest and most authentic neighborhoods. So, if they are looking for the best accommodation in Marrakech, whether for vacation, a business trip or a longer stay, the ochre city offers them a multitude of options, among which the most popular are hotels, the riads, villas and rental apartments. Find the riad in Marrakech more convenient for your vacation and choose according to your budget, your needs and your desires. And enjoy your stay!

Housing Market Crisis

The real estate market of Catalonia is faced with greater optimism its present and its future, according to the results of the semi-annual barometer on the climate of confidence in this business published this week by the Catalan Administration. The data, obtained from 1,600 surveys conducted in the month of May to citizens, companies and administrations, reflect an increase of confidence in growth and the feeling of a revival of the housing market. It is, without doubt, a good news, since not only responds to the opinion of a part of the sector which could make think replies concerned-but that it’s a widespread perception in the world. It is, as the authors of the barometer, for the first time since November 2007, that financial institutions improve the perception of the financial capacity of their clients and that reflected a revival in the housing market are. The report also notes the majority view that the option of renting an apartment in Catalonia is now more feasible.

This extreme thing they would confirm the Forcadell consulting data, according to which, during the first six months of this year the rental market has experienced some recovery. And it is that the market moves, as it gets highlighted in the increase of 5 per cent of the price of the flats after two years of continued falls. In June, the price per square meter rented the Catalan capital stood at 12,58 euros according to Forcadell, almost 60 cents more than at the end of 2009, although significantly below 14,59 euros that did reach in 2007. We are waiting for future data that continue confirming the revival of the real estate market. Source: Real estate Blog of yaencontre.

SIMA Group

A new opportunity that you find the perfect real estate supply will take place in Madrid. The balcony of Honor of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will open its doors on 24, 25 and 26 February to host an edition of SIMA winter, organized by Planner Reed. Visitors will find its next housing among more than 200 promotions of top quality belonging to 35 exhibiting companies. The flats for sale will be both first and second residence, although the first will represent 80% of the offer. Also, 50% of the same will be located at real estate Mallorca. The Barrio de Salamanca (Habitat and Key Mare), Valdebebas (real estate railway group), Ensanche de Vallecas (Arjusa, Prometheus group, Reyal Urbis) or residential areas of Sanchinarro and Las Tablas (Pryconsa and Woss), are some of the locations. Alcala de Henares, Arganda del Rey, Arroyomolinos, Getafe or San Sebastian de los Reyes will be some municipalities of the region of Madrid property for sale. On the other hand, the supply of real estate of second home will belong to the costa Alicante, the provinces of Mallorca real estate, Murcia and the Balearic Islands. There will also be promotions of luxury in Marbella and Mallorca for Jones Lang Lasalle and the promotion of TM real estate group in Playa del Carmen (Mexico). Visitors can enjoy special discounts. For more information, visit the web site official luxus wohnungen Mallorca.

House Area

Until just very recently, many families bought a second home for your holidays in some place of tourist interest, usually areas with playacomo Segur de Calafell. Today there are many reasons that drive people to have a segundavivienda, particularly if we are talking about holiday one of the main advantages is that housing is your property and you can go on the date that you want. You don’t have to book ahead or think about when will be your vacation, you do not depend on a tenant that impose you their standards. In addition, the price of your home, with time, will grow in value. Having an apartment in Segur de Calafell has many advantages, among the most important is its location, in a residential area that belongs to the municipality of Calafell, in Baix Penedes, and located 50 kilometres from Barcelona. Due to its proximity to Barcelona is an ideal place for weekend getaways and forget the routine and the bustle of the capital, in the same way if for any reason you need to go to Barcelona is not too far away. If you want, you can go by car or you can approach to the station from Calafell to catch the public service. You can go to wonderful beaches from your House in Segur de Calafell.

With a large expanse of 1700 meters long and 90 meters wide, the beach of Calafell is a beautiful beach where sunbathing in their white sands and swim in the calm waters. The beach of Calafell has many security and services, in addition many tourists who come here in summer rented an apartment in Segur de Calafell. It is ideal for walking along the promenade on a good day and contemplate the area from him. Originally from Segur de Calafell idea was to create a city garden, and still retains the original idea, so it is an ideal area as second homes, and have it as a primary residence at the time of retirement. Original author and source of the article.

Property Acquisition

After finishing with all corresponding to the acquisition of the property, we continue with the stage make use of our new home. This is perhaps the most fun part, but unfortunately our pocket is going to continue to see affected, this time with all the expenses required to move our belongings. The following are some very important recommendations to make the move a success. Many residential complexes have regulations prohibiting removals during certain times, by such reason we recommend advise both the complex management and tenant (if applicable), the date on which you expect to making his move, in order to avoid setbacks the entrance of their belongings as the output of the same. It is advisable to carry out your move during a weekend, we advise you to start in the morning, since with this you will have enough time to accommodate and organize their new home. If you have not done so previously, it is very important to know the sector of your new address, identify the paths, already more suitable place to download your belongings in the fret.

Make sure the furniture and appliances of greater size, have dimensions appropriate to enter comfortably. A person on average lasts two or three days organizing their belongings after a fret, if you decide to do it yourself must have the necessary time to do so. As part of the preparations for the fret, draw up a list with all their things (clothing, appliances, kitchen utensils, food, books, etc.). With this list in hand proceed to verify which of these objects are really necessary, and what can be discarded, or if they are in good condition be donated. After preparing the above list, Pack delicate items such as porcelain and glassware in small boxes, medium boxes for electrical appliances, books and large houses for clothes. As you are packing, please list each and every one of the boxes, this shape will have a better control over your belongings in moving. Check one by one all boxes before using them, so that they are strong enough, and if not strengthening them making them with industrial tape. The delicate objects such as glass, porcelains and appliances, protecting them with polyethylene bubbles and paper cross.

If you are a single person, it is advisable to hire a company that specializes in removals, since these companies are prepared in terms of logistics and experience for this work. Within the service they provide a vehicle equipped with the protection of the case they have to make their objects, it is also generally a team formed by a driver and two or three assistants. Those companies are responsible in the event that any of your belongings is damaged during the move, generally the scree company liable for repair costs. Moving transport has an approximate value, between $150,000 and $350,000, this value should include you corresponding assistants and service of packed (if you want to hire him). Le again, we recommend that if moving is a closed set, it is necessary to know the internal rules of the same and also remember your move with the complex management, arrival to avoid trouble.

Housing Plan

The promoters are looking for alternatives to provide an outlet for properties that carry some time without selling. According to information published by Cadena Ser, at least, 6,000 homes were sent recently to the public rent society (SPA), by Spanish sponsors, to ensure that this body puts them on lease. Rent with option to buy is an attractive formula for small and medium developers who are unable to find the desired purchaser and for potential buyers who can not buy a house in property from the first moment because they may not have a bank credit in the home. Some analysts agree that this joint funding mechanism is affordable in situations of economic recession, how that currently crosses the real estate market. In this sense, is an optimal formula to provide an outlet for new construction and apartment houses in stock. Agencies that offer this type of services pose to those interested the option of renting the House of new building for an affordable price, from market, which will vary in function of the property, its location, characteristics and qualities, with a purchase option after 2 or 5 years. The main feature of this mode is that the payments that are being carried out during the life of the lease will not a deaf ears. When this period expires and the lease period is complete, these amounts will be deducted at the final price of the property that the tenant will have to pay.

The real estate Nozar, for example, announced last October, this modality, the Formula A + C, which allowed customers to rent an apartment of new construction of the promoter from 550 euros per month with a term of 5 years to acquire it later, discounting at that time payments paid during the lease period. The last reform of the Housing Plan 2005-2008 has also included this mechanism in its proposal and the Region of Murcia, for its part, already one of the autonomous communities is in which supports the promotion of housing for rent with option of purchase. Legal aspects the purchase option is regulated between the parties, i.e., landlord and tenant, in a lease stating this peculiarity. Stakeholders have signed a joint agreement in which the lessor guarantees the lessee may acquire housing in an agreed period. In addition, both undertake to raise public deed of sale the previous contract by the deadline. Until the time of the purchase the lease is governed naturally by a contract to use for this mode. In any case, the law applicable to this contract is the 1255 article of the Civil Code: the contracting parties can establish the pacts, clauses and conditions which have as disadvantage, provided that they are not contrary to law, morality or public order.

Spanish Real Estate Market

The Spanish real estate market is in crisis since 2008. The Statistics say that we are now far from the results of the year 2007. Tooling of the Spanish real estate market are downgraded to the year 2004 this issue has influenced the prices that are discounted, so that the houses in the past two years Spanish have become an attraction for foreigners, particularly for Italians. In particular the Italians look to the houses in Barcelona and Bilbao. But a recent statistic homes for sale in Barcelona are cheaper that the in Bilbao. In general the problem began with the burst of the housing bubble, speculative bubble in the market of real estate until the end of 2007 and early 2008, approximately. Before this period, banks and Spanish savings banks have granted loans of risk in more than 100 million euros in recent years. These loans, points out the country citing the AD of Banco Santander Alfredo Saenz, are what’s closer subprime them in the United States.

That the bubble burst. On January 11, 2011 is has gathered the Housing Commission of the APCE, where after reviewing several proposals has synthesized these proposals to make: after the economic crisis occurred in Spain the blocking of the financial system by the problems of the real estate sector, mode flooring purchased and financed today lacks a target valuewhich previously took. The value of land has a fundamental component that is the urban rating, awarded by the Administration, where two variables determine the price: buildable and construction type. Looking for an apartment in Barcelona? Today is the right day! If you look at sites selling real estate you can choose that the prices are really cheap. It could be a good investment for their economic interest! Even the Minister of building of Spain Jose Blanco Lopez in mid-January this year has declared that it is an optimal moment to buy a flat.

SmartCity District City

The Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, has signed an agreement with the President of Schneider Electric Spain, Julio Rodriguez left, which will allow to create the first Center of excellence SmartCity District 22 @. City Hall anticipated initiative to turn Barcelona into a world leader in Smart City and have applications in intelligent mobility, improvement of energy efficiency (water management, distribution network and buildings) and connecting citizens with public administrations. In this sense, Izquierdo Rodriguez explained that they will develop, jointly with the consistory, a plan of intelligent mobility for Barcelona. Time ago that city hall leads this bet by the smart city, a concept that will improve the well-being of the people, said Trias. For his part, the Deputy Mayor of urban Habitat, Antonio Vives, has pointed out that this agreement is being generated an output of the future for the future of the ciudad real estate Mallorca. This Centre will operate as cluster of knowledge and development of technologies for the intelligent management of cities, and one of its priorities will be promoting a framework of collaboration with universities, institutions and companies to enable research and to promote the incorporation of highly qualified academic staff. In this sense, programs and exchanges that encourage the formation of specialists majorca real estate will be funded. In addition, with this agreement both parties undertake to collaborate to promote the initiative of City Protocol, a global standard of models of city that will evaluate various levels of excellence Luxus Wohnungen mallorca.

Real Estate

Sale of States is a term in the world of auctions which usually refers to a house or the sale of content assets. This can also refer to a sale of inheritance, and is usually a large event in terms of items offered for sale. As articles represent a content of a House, they often cover a very wide range of furniture, art and antiques, ephemeral paper and all the way to the headings of all households the days that fall within a broad category of decorative objects. When an owner of a State or of those who inherited the content, go to the task of selling the property always faced a series of questions: a. where selling the collection? b.

How should the collection being sold in one or separate into groups of similar items? c. where to find an expert who can properly assess all the elements and not just simply apply a generic value to groups of articles? The easiest way for a sale of the contents of a House is a local auction house. Major international auctioneers of which we hear in the news only handled collections specialists in rare articles and of good quality, and this is why they are divided into strict categories, such as: 19th century furniture, oil paintings of old masters, watercolors, Oriental ceramics and works of art and carpets, glass, books and manuscripts, and many more. A different Department would normally lead a sales specialist and the great auction houses each have about a hundred departments. And because they have a huge number of specialists that have to be paid, they cannot afford the acceptance of small valuable items (e) introduce a threshold, usually between 2,000- 5,000. Therefore, they are unable to handle or even come and look at the contents of a general House. When this comes to local auctions, most of them basically exist thanks to the sales of local States.