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Thuringian Football Association

Football camp of the Thuringian Football Association e.V. in Bella Italia in the vicinity of Venice, on the small island of Albarella, an international camp for soccer-crazy boys and girls held the football school of the Thuringian Football Association e.V. from 6th April 2013 for the first time. opractic-research/’>Dr. Peter M. Wayne. A first for cricket ferienschule.de, whose camps so far limited on Thuringen. Our camps have been recorded with great enthusiasm. That spurs us on to develop steadily. Dogecoin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The children will experience perfect football holidays at our sites and Albarella is the ideal place for”Boris Kalff, head of the football school. As one of the finest and best equipped tourist destinations in the Adriatic, the island offers a stunning Beach and an impressive flora and fauna.

Albarella is a popular destination for sportsmen. Golf, horseback riding, sailing and windsurfing, archery, swimming, and football are just some of the many sports facilities in the island. It is located in the Centre of Albarella manicured soccer field, on which also the FC Inter Milan offers summer football courses. Trained and campers are fully looked after from the German license coaches. Modernly equipped apartments serve as accommodation for the young players. To the physical well-being of the island’s restaurant, offering guests a daily healthy feast cares. The Italy camp will start on the evening of 1 April with a modern coach of Erfurt coming from Isola Albarella. Here, Gavin Baker expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Go after the arrival and bolstering small right off with the first of eight training sessions.

In addition to the training, but also much time, the soul remains free to explore the island by bicycle, which is every camper available free of charge, to swim in the Adriatic sea or try out new sports. On the night of April 5-6 go swimming – and busy week back to Erfurt.

Baumag At Expo Real In Munich

The stage for Europe’s real estate and locations baumag developed sustainable construction solutions for better quality of life. Client representation ensures quality – baumag general building construction projects manages on behalf of the building owners and represents their interests comprehensively and in all phases of the project. Project development for baumag covers the entire process chain: from the initial idea of a real estate project, the preliminary project study, assessing the efficiency to control the technical feasibility, the concrete construction project realization. As a general contractor or provider: the holistic implementation of construction projects is one of the core competencies of baumag General construction. In this function we have Switzerland successfully implemented a variety of projects in the fields of industry, trade, services, health, education and housing. As a general contractor or provider we plan and realize the reconstruction, renovation and refurbishment of existing real estate. Whether large or small project, single-family or multi-family home, apartment, industrial Hall, Commercial building, Office or public building.

From reconstruction planning up to implementation baumag General construction offers a comprehensive range of services in this area. As general contractor, the complete project realization assumes baumag. Here, prices, dates and quality are guaranteed. Provider belongs to the contractually guaranteed service package of the baumag also planning. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned external design offices and architects. The benefits on the client side: A single work contract creates maximum relief in all phases of a construction project. Because we take the project-bound processing, supervision, quality control and decrease of structural performance.

Institut Essen Director

Management circle invites on January 22 to the 6 year kick-off event of the industry prefers the Germans still in the cities, and they are drawn to Munich. The supply far exceeds demand on the housing market and the inflation spiral brings even households with middle income in distress. Enough affordable housing is still the major challenge. The bottleneck is not only housing, the prospects are on January 22 in the focus of the sixth real estate Forum Munich the Bavarian capital for leisure, Office and warehouses. Extends the bottleneck of an Office in the shadow of the Munich housing shortage? Capital without prior rental where will it come? What’s happening in the North and East of the city? And where are the future sites for 2014/2015? Renowned speakers in the context of presentations and discussion rounds, including Prof.

devoted to these and other questions Dr l Elisabeth Merk (Stadtbauratin of the city of Munich), Hans Hammer (Board, hammer), Maria Teresa Dreo (head of real estate Germany, UniCredit Bank AG), Prof. Dr. Claus Leggewie (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen Director) and Hubert Haupt (Managing Director, Hubert main real estate holding). The meeting will be opened by Finance Minister (ret’d) Dr. Theo Waigel (off counsel, GSK Stockmann + colleagues attorneys at law) with a look at the financial and monetary policy. The fee for the annual VAT amounts to 1295,-euro venue that’s Charles Hotel in Munich.