Dentures Muller provides quality ‘Made in Germany’ that there are not only high quality but also affordable dentures since the opening of the Ratinger dental House there, is known by now far beyond our city limits. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tishman Speyer. With the opening of dentures Muller exclusive the dental company is now still a top on it and strengthens the reputation of the tooth city Ratingen”. High-tech prosthesis, digitally designed on the computer and manufactured with State of the art computer and robot technology on high speed milling machines that would be ever possible, hardly anyone wanted to believe just a few years ago. Now it is reality in Ratingen. Between 50 and 80 tooth units manufactured at the new facility at Mulheim street every day. However, due to the enormous demand of patients, dentists and cooperating dental laboratories already more milling machines are planned.

Until the end of the year, the capacity of dentures to Muller exclusive be expanded to daily 300 units. Processing errors are there thanks to modern Technology finally of the past. Because the fingerprints taken by the dentist are imported into the new milling machine via the scanner into the computer system. Then, specialised dental technicians with advanced CAD software to construct the design of dental crowns. The material selection of the machine also made milling blanks applies, depending on the treatment indication, the dentist. Also in this case, processing errors, such as metal impurities, are excluded. All of the modern dental materials are available.

The milling process takes depending on the selected material between 5 and 45 minutes. Then, Crown or bridge Pontic are ready for the final polishing or the individual characterization of ceramics. So quality results from Muller’s prosthesis made in Germany”: exclusive and yet at prices that everyone can afford. Dentures Muller E.k..