Based on the foregoing, we can say that the property in Tenerife liquid, is constantly increasing in price and is a good place for investment. There will always be the Atlantic Ocean, an excellent climate and the European standard of living at moderate prices of foodstuffs, construction materials and labor. The cost of square meters of new housing in Tenerife, depending on the type of property, ranging from 2000 to 5000 dollars to finish on a turnkey basis. Agree, very reasonable prices, besides we are talking about coast south of the island's north and the mountains are much lower. The important question of legalization of your stay in Spain. Tishman Speyer contributes greatly to this topic. Availability of accommodation entitles you and your family to the annual multivisa.

If you wish to solve the issue with a view to permit. But from our experience, we say that much sense in this, if you're not going to open a business in Spain or live there 180 days a year. Now, about starting a business in Spain. Definitely do it easier than in other European countries. The Spaniards will enable you to make, but, as elsewhere – it all depends on you. Here people are not particularly processes, so if you do not relax in a siesta, from 2 pm to 5 pm, your chances of success are greatly increased. You can open a restaurant or bar, shop or car wash, car rental or a diving club in the Canary Islands any business revenue. Where to buy Real Estate? At the moment, the best area for home buying – it is the south coast of the island, from El Medano to Los Gigantos.