Online surveys are known in various forms. Often you find on web pages small forms that site visitors will be asked for your opinion, or allow a vote on certain issues. Then there are also firms that specialize exclusively in the unwinding of interviews in the form of online surveys. Here the participant must generally first create an account with the personal data, and often a bank account can be queried. Here one should therefore exercise caution in the selection of providers. The actual interviews are then usually carried out online. This sends an email to the provider a number of participants who are selected according to information given at registration. As the number of participants is limited, you should visit the website of the provider quickly – the desired number of participants is in fact already achieved, no further surveys are usually longer authorized.

The provider then asks often first in several steps, whether the participant a specific product uses, such as an LCD TV or whether “man” shaved wet or dry. If you belong in the grid for the desired target group, then examples of new commercials or simply queried only opinions on such products. Depending on the topic and their own answers as a survey can then ever take half an hour. Therefore you receive at the end as a reward for participation in an amount which can partly be several euros. This means: You can earn money with surveys! Why do companies give money for your opinion? The answer is simple: because we are picky as consumers and have an uncanny power. Deny in fact the majority of the intended audience a new product are practically inevitable losses in the millions. Therefore, it is worthwhile for the company to carry out such testing prior to marketing.