Every relationship has conflicts that need to be resolved, but we want to live a conflicted relationship … the conflicts appear to be determined …. The couple relationship is an opportunity, a starting point, not the port of arrival … .. Sometimes in the relationship does not learn to communicate properly because we are criticized, mocked, punished, scolded, sent and full of resentment.

No communication because we open our mate, disqualified all the time what I want to express … and, thus, further communication and love and the relationship itself … or fade, there are deaf to what we say …. The silence and indifference are the answer … what if suddenly we had a cold romance … Human communication has some rules to be constructive, among them are: b Be clear and direct. b Pay attention to what the other says or tries to communicate. b Accept responsibility for what I’m communicating.

b And know that what we communicate necessarily has an impact on the other, no matter if it is positive or negative. True communication begins with ourselves … Every time someone says that your partner is deaf to understand what you communicate, it would be nice to think I really am able to listen to others carefully, or whether I am deaf to what my partner tells me … First of all it is important to realize ourselves as we do for communication: we are victims, dictators, manipulative, seductive, loving, always seem to estamosreganando, we only see the criticism … So once we open to this aspect of our view … we can perhaps find out why the other, our beloved partner does not understand us … and remains deaf or communicate with us … I would love to write and give his opinion on the spine and the issues … Cecreto. Cecreto Inc. is a center dedicated to the quality of emotional life and has different series current issues such as parent-child relationships, relationships with a partner, etc.