AED not It is a set of proposals about how it should be the law, rather, is a methodology to analyze it. The AED is not basically utilitarian, since the very concept of efficiency has a value content. Paraphrasing Guido Calabresi AED not replace Justice efficiency, because in this world of scarce resources, wasting is unjust, therefore the AED makes us righteous but responsibly. XII. suggestions-we welcome to the AED, however, it is necessary that for efficient AED in the solution of a problem, the lawyer must have in mind that not only should look at the legal aspect, but also aspects socio-economic force, and the impact of the legal solution of that case in the society. It is important that legislators are able to enact legislation with criteria of rationality, always looking for regulatory efficiency with general incidence and does not specify. We believe that it is more healthy to have an open mind (away from all bias) to new proposals (not only towards the AED), already AED does not propose ending the law, only closer to the man and to the solutions you need, i.e. For assistance, try visiting Philadelphia Real Estate. the opposite to finish it, but rather, to revive it.

in that regard, that rejection or fear that be you, not serious to the AED, but rather, to reality, which the law requires approaching, explain and improve more with help not only of the AED. Further building (implementation and dissemination and analysis) in levels of pre and post grade course of AED as a way to broaden the perspective of a) law students.-which are the majority of students from pre degree of the faculties of law, b) professional of law.-which are the majority of lawyers and c) students of the law-which are those who understand that the study, training and analysis is not only a stage or stages, but a form of legal life: as a result, they are the minority of the first two groups and that incidentally, is this third group to which we aspire always integrate. However, Finally we recommend in addition, your dictation into pre degree are not at the beginning, but at the end, and with the modality of elective. i.e., when the student this formed sufficiently to be able to assimilate the contemporary trends (such as EDL) in a more mature and reflective way. XIII. sources of information.-Alfaro Pinillos and Sussoni Velarde, a.

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