Getting to the design of disco – be it a club dance floor or disco in the home country cottage – to you in any case quite clearly define the basic components of this particular event. Disco – it is always, in addition to read and sufficiently powerful audio package, and yet very advanced on the concept of a light complex, which in its impact on the viewer must uniquely correspond to the level effects of sound. Agree – it would be ridiculous to use a couple of scanners in low-power halogen lamps with an acoustic set at 2-3 kW power. And vice versa – to organize 'Las Vegas', which is clearly discordant with the two 50-watt speakers. That is, under any circumstances – disco success depends on correctly and perfectly matched equipment complex. Do not dwell on the selection of audio components – focus on the light part. First of all you have to determine the manner in which will be managed by your set of lighting devices. There are three variants – automatic (sound activation of each instrument separately) semi-automatic (sound activated pre-programmed controller that controls all devices) and a control operator.

The last option is usually used for large light complexes on solid grounds. This implies a certain technical training of the operator and the presence of a svetodizaynerskogo approach to the issue. That is used by professional lighting designer. More consider the first two options. Fully automatic light on the ground means you buy only one instrument with a sound activated – that is, Each unit has a built-in microphone that reacts to music in the room.