What early last year was for a promise today is a reality. The new trend of the accessories maxi is already giving that talk and how it could be otherwise, we have gathered some specimens with the best brands and designs. Encourage you with all colors and sizes wave extra so you can show off a modern and different style at home, at work, during a party or any other important occasions. Marc last name Marc Jacobs collection by Marc brings several new features in the colors Blue, red, yellow and white and is so presents this collection of bracelets that Marc puts between the ethnic and the pop. They are perfect for the summer, the beach or a party facing the sea. With a style totally different but equally cool for summer, Balenciaga bets for a collection that has the skin of the crocodile as preparation material. It is a model quite useful for an elegant occasion and more if used as a gift idea. It captures the looks of everyone with this oversized accessory in light blue color.Dior moved coral shapes to their high jewellery pieces for this summer season and undoubtedly enhances the look of who wears it.

For the spring 2011 season, there is no better idea that look an accessory in red with stones as proposed by Channel. With this model, the firm aims to contextualize the Baroque wave that is present in several of their latest designs. To put an end to our gallery I leave them with another model of bracelet which has applications of stones in green color. It is a design of the maison of Camellia that undoubtedly might look on a formal occasion.