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Key Destinations

Two months before the start of the World Cup, teams travel to destinations like South Africa. Ten of the stadiums are 1,500 meters above sea level and have to adapt quickly. has investigated the destinations chosen by the selections. South Africa. The European teams travel in search of a climate similar to South Africa, while the will to prepare to host Europe. The South African team will focus on the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach, where they are based Puma and Adidas. The last sponsors to the teams of South Africa and Mexico. Both will be trained in that and unpronounceable Herzogenaurach and will stay at the Ramada Hotel, specializing in soccer teams.

Suffice it to recall the 2008 European Championship when the hotel hosted the German team, runners-up after being defeated in the final red with rage. Spain. We played the Confederations Cup and South Africa will not overwhelm us as a destination. Rozas train them as usual and only travel in the pre-tournament games. After defeating France in Paris, Vicente del Bosque team will move on May 29 to Vaduz to play against Liechtenstein on June 3 will play South Korea in Innsbruck on June 8 will be dismissed from the home fans. We will not leave but we will be hosting the World Cup referees, held in the Canarian village of Santa Lucia. Italy.

The reigning champion knows that good training is essential to renew the title and focus two weeks in Sestriere. This ski resort hosted the Winter Olympics of 2006 and is tanned to host athletes. The Italian team will be staying in hotels and the Grand Sestriere Losetta. Germany: Joachim Loew's team will form in Italy. An advance train in the warm Sicily from 14 to 21 May. After the end of the German Cup from Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen the other players will join the team in Appiano Gentile, a town in Lombardy near Lake Como England. Fabio Capello's team will train in the heart of Austria. During the two weeks British pre-World established their base camp in the town of Irdning, at 1,450 meters above sea level. On June 2, will travel to South Africa. France. Gallo's team will focus in Tignes from 18 May, a French region bordering Switzerland. Gallo coach Raymond Domenech has made it very clear why it has chosen the Alps as a destination. If you are not able to play there so little will be held at the World … Everyone wants to win but only two reach the final destination. a ste is where and when: July 11, 2010, 20:30, Estadio Soccer City in Johannesburg. The only destination of interest to Spain.

Tourism in Columbia

I want to talk a bit about Colombia as a tourist paradise that despite his international fame on drug trafficking, no one can imagine the spectacle of its landscapes and its people. Colombia country, characterized by its beautiful scenery, friendly people and other attributes is prepared for major challenges the international order, so in a joint effort with the National Government prepares a number of strategies and mechanisms to become competitive tourism sector in the face of varied global supply of this service. In 2009 have enabled over 286 routes safe for our visitors know all of our geography and enjoy our wonderful, taking long holiday weekends and holiday periods. Recall that in Colombia there is the world's longest cable car is located among 261 nominated sites in the world in a campaign to find "," visitors to this site express "which is simply spectacular." Is expected to grow this year the number of foreigners entering the country taking into account that the conditions are given for visitors to meet their expectations and be surprised with our landscape, the gastronomy, the variety of sites, the climate, our culture, people and other aspects that will make very sure that many fall in love and want to return. Last year, international passenger revenue continued to show a favorable figures.

According to Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Luis Guillermo Plata, thanks to the security provided by Colombia, to the wide variety of hotels, good business environment, and diversity of destinations, among others, the arrival of foreigners grew 6 9 percent at the end of 2008. And 2009 is expected to increase sharply. Colombia is experiencing big changes in its hotel infrastructure and transportation all with the aim of hosting thousands of travelers who see us as a haven for investment, tourism and now that we have facilities such as Valley Events Center Pacific Cali can provide a great setting for all types of businesses at the national and international levels. Remember only risk is if you decide to come to Colombia "is that they want to stay" for more information visit the website with further information on tourist sites in our country. Here is a video about the launch of the Centre for Pacific Valley Events in Cali. Julian Bolanos