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Public Buildings

At the beginning much money was not had, but the will to cultivate the land and to construct wealth was very great. Even in 1590 middle, much of the inventories did not pass of fathoms of lands and slaves. J for 1642 return, is started to observe the evolution of the socumentos, already being cited houses in roas, animals and good in the headquarters of the town. but, in severity, it does not have reason for expanto. That valley the land without people populate that it and use to advantage? What it lacks to the natives of So Paulo is not soil, there is, uncultivated and immense, the wait of they fecunde.faltam who it, yes, the tool, the clothes, everything how much the colony not to produce still and has to come, through obstacles without account, of the distant metropolis. (p 1221) This dependence makes with that the life is very difficult and with little quality of life. Who did not have land was difficult to get it, what the phenomenon of the feudal property was observed delayed and. The POVOAMENTO For return of century XVI, the paulistano povoamento is well modest and enters situated in way the streets and houses, without numerical or nomeclatural organization.

Any negotiation of purchase and sales was done in public square and with references made through the neighborhood or some public or religious building. These references proceed until the years of 1780. without many modifications in agreement quotation documentation of that period. In the question of the housing, it is started with small huts and go being modified throughout the centuries. In the measure that the So Paulo ones go producing its substances cousins, the houses go receiving roofing tiles, bricks, doors and windows. the valuation of lands goes gaining more force. The SMALL FARM OF the ROA the urban life was not accurately one way used in the initial centuries of the settling.

Magalhes School

In the stories on the history of life of the pupils of Cheap the Magalhes School, it more still increases the reflection of the importance of the paper of the School who we want for our life. In all the arguments of its histories of life have its dreams, its objectives; what more they persist is the profession. We can perceive that it has concern with regard to the professional qualification, all want a school that can prepare them for the life. Most interesting it is the vision that these young already has of the society that they are part; what they think of this society that we have, of this school that we want, porque' ' It does not have right to the life, to the freedom and to the security, it does not have equality front to the law or right to the had process, without right to the work, the health, the education, to a minimum wage, the feeding, the housing and a significant level of life and vice versa, for a simple reason: the set of these rights has the same purpose: dignity humana.' ' In thematic ' ' The School as I begin of vida' ' versions important confide to relate a history to the other, since my history of life is not different of histories of life of the educandos. Everything started in the agricultural zone, in the school simplesinha with little structure, professors still without qualification.

But the dream to have a profession always said high more. All part of one I begin, starting for the history of our antecedents, and everything justifies for the questionings: Who we are? Of where we came? What we make? What we want? The construction of knowing and the communication to them contribute for this formation; in the socioeconmica life, cultural and politician. Our school today tries to fulfill to the paper politician to participate in the social transformation.

Pet Rabbits

Today the best option for a family pet is the rabbit, as it does not need to go for a walk three times a day and does not need much care. Rabbits are animals very quiet yet the most loving and are expressed by body gestures. They can come near you and ask for a bit of affection is what they need, in fact like to be petted on the head. They also quickly learn to respond in a name and you come to giving him some encouragement. Other leaders such as Bizzi & Partners offer similar insights.. Rabbits are conformists animals that adapt to the conditions imposed on them, this means that do not need a large place to live. Please note that these beautiful animals like to eat whatever you have in front, the legs of tables, cables, etc.., Then beware of letting this kind of thing in their power because they can lose what they have not won one so be careful. Like cats, rabbits do not need a bath, they clean themselves.

In the U.S., Britain, Denmark and other European countries are pet rabbits most popular. Also like dogs, there are over 50 breeds including different colors, sizes, hair and position of the ears. These small animals are very loving, sociable, colleagues and their ability to adapt to a place almost immediately. Like other pets, feeding of rabbits is very easy because it is based on food for rabbits to be bought at any pet store and some other fruits and vegetables such as apples, lettuce, carrot. Thinking also of those who have children, the rabbit is an animal advisable as it gets along very well with everyone and this is not dangerous and can be left in the company of children. For the care of these animals is recommended to clean the cage as well if not cleaned often the rabbit may have allergies or outbreaks like any other animal that you clean the cage. And if they realize that when this had bought your rabbit flea powder We shall then use the cat flea is much more effective and it can not hurt the rabbit.

I will give you advice as to the Feeding these. Put him concentrate 2 tablespoons At each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner and after that, and for dessert you can give one of the fruits or vegetables that name. Note also these five indications. 1. If your rabbit has soft stools for a few days stop the vegetable or fruit that has given him. Then give it back to get used to eating. 2. Provide clean water all the time. 3. Clean the cage at least twice a week. 4. When you see your rabbit has long nails then take it to the vet to trim them and pay attention to how it is done so that you can do it next time.

Housing Construction

They had alleged that the fen is giving very little fishes, and the times pass the entire day in the tide what they badly bring for house of pr to eat. ' ' It is as if the crabs and the fish had diminuindo' '. According to information of some older inhabitants if it makes use of the existing wood for the construction of its housings, although many already to have gradual been transformed of taipa for masonry. The majority of the families deposits the garbage in the proper fen, where plastic, rubbers, cans, remaining portions of footwear, glasses, etc., contrast with the mud and to little present vegetation in the area. This added picture the esburacadas subhabitao, alleys and ruelas and its inhabitants with sad looks, form a half surrealista image, where man and nature if collate to feed a desumano system and before natural, pautado not in the valuation of the collective one, but in the game of interests of the capital and its market of inaqualities. They are understood that the old portion of the city has many social importncias, economic and cultural and that these need to be despertadas with bigger vigor in its population so that this place (REVERSE SPEED) ALIVE and if makes alive history to the eyes of the inhabitants and outsiders who arrive with its photographic machines and its joys of tourist, who if more not to come back with certainty had spoken for that early or late they will come to it enjoys of our beauties and history recounted in its ruelas, churches, casarios and large houses. A space not of rubbles, but of satisfaction for all the ones that make a Joo Person ' ' city of if viver' '. Of global form, this necessary area to pass for a revitalizao process. Understanding itself for revitalizao, not only the recovery of important constructions, but to revitar in the direction to rescue memory, imaginary history and for a full and constant cultural life.