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Federal Supreme Court

This includes also a proper structure. But the Federal Supreme Court proving here more accomodating than in the past now in favour of lessors. A service charge settlement must be divided up not down to the smallest detail and peppered with unnecessary formalities. The summary of positions is allowed according to the judges in Karlsruhe, when the combined components linked together and have the same settlement – and capture scale. This approximately applies to the cost of property and liability insurance (judgment v.

16.09.2009, AZ.: VIII ZR 346/08) or the fresh – and waste water costs, if they are determined by a meter (v. 15.07.2009, AZ.: VIII ZR 340/08). Deadline for housing rent advance payments are agreed upon in the rental agreement, is an important deadline for the landlord: he has the tenant within twelve months after the end of the accounting period To inform payroll ( 556 para 3 BGB). The landlord lets the deadline pass, he can demand no costs by the tenant. The law only makes an exception, if he is not responsible for the delay. This deadline has the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) not only for the rental of living space (judgment v. 21.01.2009, AZ.: VIII ZR 107/08), but recognized as well as with the right of abode (judgment v. 25.09.2009, AZ.: V ZR 36/09).

Repayment of advance payments made no timely settlement of the landlord, the housing tenants is entitled to following claims: the tenancy continues, he has a right of retention in respect to the other operating costs of payments up to the amount of the missing billing and until the landlord makes the missing billing. Because only if it is him, the lessee can check whether and to what extent the prepayments were consumed. Terminates the tenancy, the tenant at missing operating expenses even is entitled all in the unbilled period to reclaim paid advance payments.

Albert Schweitzer Foundation

Wietze: Grounds for mega slaughterhouse will be given forcibly in Wietze to be a slaughterhouse for chickens with a capacity of 2.592.000 slaughtered chickens per week. Since May of this year, opponents of the slaughterhouse occupied the land. At the time, about 200 police clear the area. The activists are chained on three towers on slabs, on the ground and in a bunker. You want to use any force, but not voluntarily leave the area. When policy and management to promote such amazing projects, each responsible citizens on the barricades must go.

This includes also the violent occupation of the land, lawyer Wolfgang Schindler, is President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment, on the side of the activists. The Foundation looks one of the animal-quaelerischsten forms of farming in chicken feed, because the animals on to fast muscle growth are bred, that their skeletons and organs are overwhelmed. Today’s Poultry is the epitome of the animal factories: 25 tale animals are crammed together on one square meter, and even the chickens that do not collapse under their own weight, can move almost to the end of the mast due to the oppressive narrowness, closes Schindler. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment continues for ten years against the industrialized farming and promotes the vegetarian diets. More information on Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment Saeed Park 5 10715 Berlin contact: Mahi Klosterhalfen Tel.: 030 86 39 16 59 mobile: 0178 46 46 244 that non-profit Albert Schweitzer was the Foundation for our environment founded in 2000 by lawyer Wolfgang Schindler as a politically and religiously unbound animal welfare organization. It is financed from the proceeds of the Endowment capital and funding contributions and donations. The Foundation takes its name from Rhena Schweitzer, the Daughter of Albert Schweitzer.

The Foundation Mission is to reduce as much suffering. Therefore set the Foundation for the so-called animals a. With 60 billion animals are every year under the most unimaginable conditions cost-optimized fattened and killed, the commitment to these animals is the biggest task, can be. The Albert Schweitzer works Foundation, to improve housing conditions, as well as to cut back on the uberzuchtung (torment breeding) animals. They also Stark the vegetarian idea because no farming the Foundation is known, that species could be called really.

Federal Supreme Court

Also at approximate in the lease the tenant can reduce the rent In the lease on an apartment was the area with 100 m m. After the tenant at the end of 2007 was pulled out, he demanded partial repayment of rent for the rental period 2002 to 2007 by his landlord. He argued that the actual living space is only 81 square meters. “The landlord pointed out that the area in the rental agreement with approx.” 100 m was specified and the tenant must therefore calculate the reduction in rent on the basis of 100 m but only on the basis of an area of 95 sqm. “The Federal Supreme Court decided, however, that the addition about” is meaningless for the calculation of the reduction in rent.

A reduction in rent to compensate for the reduced suitability for use of a rented flat in favour of the lessee. The amount of the reduction must therefore comply with the extent of the defects. Habitation here deviated by more than ten percent of the areas stated in the rental agreement, the deficiency in this was Given case. One approx. – specifying opened no tolerance threshold when calculating the reduction (BGH, March 10, 2010; AZ. VIII ZR 144/09). This judgment but hardly touched the readers of my books and my seminars participants “, so the experienced lecturer and author Thomas Trepnau, because I recommend not living space data in the housing lease for years!” The textbook author in his landlord counselors are important information for the success of the rental. Published by Thomas Trepnau: the secret of the damp wall rental reduction count on your renters from operating costs, the second rent more money with rent increases available in all bookstores, including the online bookseller, as well as on the homepage of the author. Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail:


The need for equity is no longer given within this period the termination loses its effectiveness. The landlord establishes captive transparent, so the termination might still invalid due to different causes. This is especially the case, if it would constitute an illegal abuse of rights, to rely on its own needs. For example is quite abusive consumption cancellation, if had to be known to the landlord at the completion time of the rental agreement or could, that it would come to the entrance of the equity if necessary. He informed the tenants do not have the relevant facts, the termination is quite unfair and thus ineffective. In the case-law this ineffectiveness criterion is restricted so that the cancellation is effective, if between the catchment of the tenant and the actual entrance of the own needs more than five years have passed. Can the tenant otherwise quench his own needs without notable losses, for example using a vacant apartment of his property, the captive termination is also regularly as quite abusive rejected.

The law unfair of termination of consumption may continue to extend to cases, where the landlord attempts to enforce a significantly inflated demand for housing or but a limited consumption. In case of doubt, a judicial balancing of the individual decides here about the reasoning of the lessor. Not because of the unfairness of the law, but due to purpose misconduct and reason of conformity captive termination is then not allowed if the landlord can ever implement his concern of use of not based in the affected premises. Reasoned captive termination in some cases yet in the way of the interests can not enforceable remain, since they the tenants for social reasons not reasonably expected to be to and the landlord must allow this are against it. For example, such assessment in question would be, if a 85 tenant who lives for 35 years in the premises, to the 20 year-old granddaughter of the lessor.

The landlord deliberately faking a consumption, termination based on the unlawful deception is void. Also, claims for damages arising the tenant as a victim in this case against the landlord. The admissibility of any captive termination stands or falls on the grounds of the lessor and its legal assessment.


According to the BGH and also according to Auer Witte Thiel has Housing Association rightly pointed out, that due to the ineffective clause now she has to pay even the cost of cosmetic repairs. According to 28 para 4 II. BV the landlord may require a surcharge in addition to the cost of rent, if he as in this case to carry the costs of cosmetic repairs. This surcharge is cancelled according to Auer Witte Thiel only if the cost of cosmetic repairs are effectively been passed on to the lessee and the lessee has paid appropriate payments to the landlord. Auer Witte Thiel has experience in the law of tenancy, and indicate a significant difference to the free financed housing in connection with the recent judgment.

An appropriate clause in the lease is void where landlords are not entitled to demand a rent increase for cosmetic repairs (see BGH judgment of 9 July 2008, AZ: VIII ZR 181/07). The reason: The rent is determined according to cost elements preisgebundenem housing and addressed the respective to experience Auer Witte Thiel did not like the free financed housing market rent. (Source: Vadim Belyaev). Auer Witte Thiel Auer Witte Thiel is an economic and legal-oriented law firm. Auer Witte Thiel represents a wide variety of housing companies, property managers and condominium communities for decades in the area rental, real estate and construction law. The specialization areas of focus and the development of core competencies in certain disciplines are indispensable in the legal services sector.


Casa art holding GmbH: ‘we pave the way in the perfect condo’ Wiesbaden, in April 2010: it is the dream of many singles and young couples more pay no rent at last and live in the home. However, the construction of a single-family house is often too great a leap. The purchase of a condo offers an optimum solution therefore according to the Casa art holding GmbH. The condo offers many advantages, so the experience of Casa art holding GmbH. With a rented flat, users are indeed flexible and unattached, but summed up the monthly rent over the years to a handsome amount. Buying a condo is effective according to the Casa art holding GmbH, especially as the repayment rate is often less than the rent for a comparable apartment.

Another advantage: With a condo owner not acquire only the ownership of an individual apartment, informed the Casa art holding GmbH. The owner will receive also a share in the building itself and the parts of the building, which stand for the joint use of available, such as the Example the staircase. In addition, the land costs on all homeowners are distributed in a condo. Nevertheless, the owner of a condo get the same subsidies and tax breaks as the owner of a home. And should the homeowners decide later but for the construction of a house or buying a larger home, so remains in addition to the possibility of the sale also the variant, to rent the apartment, know the Casa art holding GmbH from experience. However, The purchase of a condo is always a big step.

And that’s why potential new owners of a condominium should be professional and competent advice. The Casa art holding GmbH is with her experience, at any time with help and advice. Casa type holding GmbH, the Casa art holding GmbH is a 2001 company, which specializes in the marketing of high-quality investment properties. While the Casa art holding GmbH focuses on the design of apartment houses. The Focus is on Grunderzeit houses and residential ensembles of the 1960s and 1970s years to attractive buildings, which are sold to tenants, investors and owner-occupiers. The main business area of the Casa art holding GmbH is located in the refurbishment of existing buildings, i.e. in the development and modernization of housing. It marketed the Casa art holding GmbH only in good and very good locations of the Rhine Main region and asserts itself successfully for over 15 years in the real estate market of the Rhine-Main region.


Mortgage modification through Obama’s mortgage refinance stimulus plan the initiatives by the Obama administration, especially the mortgage refinance stimulus plan, have made many indebted homeowners a bit optimistic about the chances to get rid of the debt. The Obama’s mortgage refinance plan has two-pronged objectives; one to make the homeowners comfortable at paying the monthly payments and the other to reduce the financial losses of the creditor or lender. The main purpose of this plan is to save maximum number of houses from foreclosure. The foreclosure does not serve the purpose of the creditor or lender because the property prices have depreciated and foreclosure negatively affects the prices of houses in the vicinity. Some of the main features of the Obama’s mortgage refinance stimulus plan are as follows: the rate of interest applicable is going to be fixed at 4.5% this mortgage modification plan comes as a blessing for those who have their depreciated by 15% the home owners are going to find the modification and refinancing quite easy. This plan is going to be a relief for those indebted home owners who are facing foreclosure. One can refinance home loan at reduced Council with the help of this plan. Loan modification facilities can be one of the incentives of this program.

The terms of the loan and the rate of interest can be modified. This plan has been designed for aiding in the 9 million homeowners from being victims of foreclosure. The home owner has two alternatives, either to opt for home loan modification or home refinance packages. The qualifications and benefits for both the alternatives are a bit different from each other. Qualifications for home mortgage refinancing are as follows: the house is the debtor’s primary residence large value is associated with the home you fulfill the eligibility criteria including the submission of mandatory documents. The principal amount in case of home mortgage refinancing is emergency reduced but the benefit of home mortgage refinancing is that the applicable rate drastically reduced and this is in the reduction of interest rate of interest is applicable till the loan is discharged. Qualifications for home mortgage loan modification: you are current on your present home mortgage the home is owned by you and it is primary residence the amount that you owe does not exceed $729,750.

The monthly payment on the present mortgage should exceed 31% of your big income. Benefit of home mortgage loan modification is that, till the debtor can get a limit of $5,000 reduction rate of interest. The debtor can avail “specialised” advice about this alternative from the lender. Obama’s mortgage stimulus plan refinance, so known as Obama’s mortgage refinance loans plan tries to rejuvenate the housing market by reducing the financial stress for both the lenders and the borrowers. The borrower is facilitated with two alternatives; one is home mortgage refinancing and home loan mortgage modification.

Pedagogia Love

Therefore, he was attemped to introduce the Psychoanalysis in the education, because the educator would take the person to the matureness and if to become an adult. What it is they totem? It is an animal that all keeps special relation with the clan. They totem it is a common ancestor of the clan, is its spirit guard. They totem it can in such a way be given by the feminine line how much for the masculine. The totnico system attracted the interest of the psychoanalysts because in it if they find a law against sexual relations between people of the same totem and consequently, against its marriage. She was practised the exogamia. It would be a protection against the incest, the one that the Psychoanalysis of as much importance, because the trend to it is part of the complex of dipo.

Literature on history of the sexuality shows for a phenomenon between the kings and the princes, but in all the levels of the society. The new ideal of marriage goes if constituting to the few in ocidente, where if it imposes the spouses whom if they love or that they seem to love itself, and that they have expectations regarding the love. The individual in the society contemporary is argued and studied the paper of the alliance and the institucional paper of the sexuality and its implications. The conjugal separation can have constructive effect for the members of a family, to keep the marriage it is the self-destruction and the destruction of the other. Educate yourself with thoughts from M Asthton Kouzbari. It takes all the family to reorganize the standards of existing relationship searching in the therapy the ressignificao for its life. The freudianos ideals based in the education freudiano pulsional model, For the impossibility to prevent the neuroses as well as to cure the malaise in the education. All to know> in the educative field one stands as plus a modern Pedagogia.


The rheumatic forms of alternative medical treatments for rheumatism include a variety of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the supporting and musculoskeletal system (arthritis, spondylitis, arthritis, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis), connective tissue and vascular disease (collagen vascular diseases, Vasculitis) and metabolic diseases such as gout, ankylosing spondylitis, etc. Rheumatism can occur at any stage of the age. IRIS diagnosis Rheumatoid background levels in childhood can be seen. Rheumatism is caused by metabolic disorders and functional body weaknesses related to the metabolic disorders. The removal of the as is often heavily blocked by the metabolism of protein toxins which must be mined in different levels arise (ammonia nitrite – nitrate etc.). These detoxification processes assume the kidneys and the liver. When these toxins are not detoxified, these are deposited in the joints and cause inflammation (E.g. after a certain time Rheumatoid arthritis) further an immune deficiency with autoagressivem character is frequently.

The medical therapy is often based on synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs and at the later stage operations (artificial joints). This therapy (NSAIDs) is accompanied by life-threatening side effects (Reye’s syndrome etc.). A double blind study showed that over 70% of cases which NSAIDs have taken just this could replace with a special Devil’s claw root dry extract. The impact of the extract was consistent and without exception well known compared with NSAIDs of the investigators and patients. (Study: Dr.Loges biological therapies) The Naturopathic approach consists of the following pillars of therapy for the treatment of rheumatism: 1 homeopathy in homeopathy, there are special products which must be selected individually, the various metabolic toxins Detox (homotoxicology). 2. TCM Chinese herbal therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine Here are individual recipes put together for rheumatism, for example detoxifying medicine for kidney and liver, herbal anti-inflammatory drugs like Haragophytum, construction of the Imunsystems etc.

3 osteopathy solution of blockades, functional improvement of the musculoskeletal system etc. 4 alternative, there will be pain Homeopathics which anti-rheumatism are injected into acupuncture points. 5. Harbey enzyme therapy – repair of cells and derailed metabolic processes.