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Plan For Prosperity In Pamplona University

The meeting, which will have its first replica in mid-February, was attended by the mayors of Durania, Bochalema, Cacota and Chitaga, delegates of the mayoralties of Pamplona, Toledo, Chinacota and Silos; the academic Vice-Rector, deans and professors of the University of Pamplona; the Chairperson and the Director Executive of the Chamber of Commerce of Pamplona, the Rector of the ISER, merchants, community leaders, and civil, military and religious authorities of the province of Pamplona, among others. A very productive day, reiterate the thanks to the University and to all instances that made possible this great call, where not only the academic authorities but also the various sectors of the city participated what positively enriches the exercise. This has been one of the busiest calls and we hope that next equal, noted Castaneda Benavides. The borders Plan for prosperity is an initiative led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to formulate projects with high social impact and economic in border communities of Colombia. Click dogecoin for additional related pages. He explained that they are currently in the stage of visualization of actors and conducting workshops in border communities to prioritize projects and the Foreign Ministry is providing methodological support for the formulation of the same. He said that the national Government shall take into account all the populations of the border departments and that therefore returned to Pamplona in the month of February to advance the methodological workshops. Address the topic of Education undertook to raise the relevant consultations to the new Ambassador of Venezuela in Bogota with regard to visas of study that have been denied at least 350 teachers from the Department advanced studies graduate programs in educational institutions of the neighboring country. He said that you for the methodological workshops, which will again have the support of the University of Pamplona, expect to be able to count on the presence of other sectors to further enrich the proposals to be carried within the national Government..

New Approach

Continuation of semantic CSS. A new approach, and tries to give to a series of advice or recommendations at the time of the use of style sheets and writing of code XHTML. If you are not convinced, visit Bizzi & Partners. All the information is based on post mentioned, as well as the related files. Recommendations of use and writing of code To use labels HTML strictly so they have been conceived If one is able to create a cleanest code the XHTML and clearly possible one is reduced considerably the number of own styles that we will have to create and we avoid the common majority of the errors and inconsistencias. Maquetar on the basis of layers (div), not to use tables (table). Paragraphs: (p)? Headed: (h1, h2, h6)? Tables: (table, thead/tr/th, tbody/tr/td)? Lists: (ul/li, ol/li)? Menus: based on lists with the attribute display: inline Uso of relative measures in the sizes of the sources the relative measures are those that do not establish a fixed size in pixels or points for an element. In particular they are the percentage (%) and the member state (1em it is equivalent to 100%, 1.2em to 120% , 0.7em 70%, ) Is very important east point by several aspects: All the people do not have the monitor to the same resolution and our typography can be to him very small or great according to the case. When establishing the measurement of typography of relative way in the label body, will take the size regarding the navigator and device that the page interprets.

This is especially in devices with small screens (movable, pda, etc.). Fixed model-making of layout based on layers This is one old controversy, maquetado of fixed size of width or the liquid maquetado one or variable size. The usabilidad studies Web advise the use of fixed sizes adapted to the resolution more used by the Internet users, trying that the discriminated percentage is the possible minor. The explanation of this aspect justifies by the constant growth in the sales of monitors of great size (17″ or more) and resolution (1024×768 in future). The expansion of the pages on all in resolutions of panoramic monitors enormously make difficult the legibility of the text paragraphs. To create styles or to redefine them in the strictly necessary case If we created our pages doing an suitable use of labels XHTML and followed you only rule described in this document, will drastically be reduced the necessity of creation of unnecessary and superfluous styles, which entails enormous benefits on all regarding the facility of maintenance and strange reduction of errors and behaviors.

Electric Toothbrush Or Manual Toothbrush – The Test

Why should I choose an electric toothbrush a manual toothbrush? Still one of the most important rituals of physical hygiene is brushing your teeth. While the question of whether for an electric or a manual toothbrush to use arises at the same time.There are countless tests that examine exactly this question. For example, the study of oral B.Dabei were nearly 200 samples of participation certificates with a Braun Oral B professional care 1000 toothbrush equipped. Four months is under dental observation with an electric toothbrush to clean. Before and after the four-month test phase the sample suppliers with an anonymous questionnaire were asked about their oral hygiene.After evaluating following results came to light: 82% of the sample students felt the oral hygiene after the test phase significantly besser.55% sample workers had reached a better clean hard to reach areas demonstrably less impurities along the Zahnfleisches.47% how these advantages are the Backenzahnen.Genau again and again by dentists and by the manufacturer of the electrical Toothbrushes are described. By the electric toothbrush, teeth can be cleaned better.

This proves this study (published “alverde” April issue). Stephen M. Ross is often quoted on this topic. The electric toothbrushes are now recommended by every dentist. When your dentist, ask whether he would recommend a switch. Your dentist will show you the heart on a toothbrush to use. It is proven that the teeth with an electric toothbrush to clean much cleaner and better. Better clean teeth to prevent tooth decay and Tartar. So you have less often to the dentist and get your teeth until old age.


A concrete with cracks a concrete with cracks is not pleasant during long time. It could have happened due to some accident, lack of maintenance, effect of the time, very been above. There are many ways to fix a pavement of concrete with cracks, but everything depends from where it is, in the house or outside the house. Generally, floor of concrete of garage can to break due to tension put by automobiles and pedestrians, since this it is the place that is often used like a warehouse, maintenance of a washing machine/lavarropas and dryer, as well as to park. If the ground of concrete of its garage in its house has cracks, also it can repair it one same one, needs to fill the cracks as soon as it is possible to avoid a more expensive later repair of the concrete one.

It will need chisel, premixture of dry concrete, level or frats, hammer, hose, brush of wire, spoon bricklayer trowel. The floor of concrete has cracks Uses a hammer and a chisel to extend the cracks. Asegrese of which the interior of the crack is more width than the edges superiors in the extension process. Read more here: james king. This is called buna. This to treat therefore the cracks will help to form the patch in the form of pyramid, obtains a seal of the cracks most stable.

Good washing the treated cracks and soon uses a vacuum cleaner to clean any excess of water. Adverum insists that this is the case. Cepille well the cracks. It prepares the concrete one, the concrete it premixes, in the same coat/stock market of the product generally indicates the amount of water to add. The consistency is of very thick mud. It fills the holes and the cracks with it grazes/mixes prepared, and when he is full it smooths the surface leaving the part of above of the cracks good been even. It leaves the cracks that are dried approximately during one hour, covering it with a canvas with plastic or wood during about five days. It dampens the zone of cracks and patches realised once to the day with the hose. It seems not very difficult. You cheer up? , like him they have done the work the last time that has engaged some bricklayer? , it gave results him? it has been cracked to him again?

Good Gifts

These are some good ideas for making birthday gifts to feel who receives it as a particular individual by presenting them with something personalized, unique, and well thought out. Think of a gift that will bring remarkable memories rather than play a role. You want the recipient to associate birthday gift with his personality, as well as provide an unequaled entertainment or offer a respite from the stresses of daily life. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala wanted to know more. A good birthday gift idea is to choose a subscription to the magazine. In this way, you is promoting one of their hobbies or interests Yes is the case, as well as offering something that will last until your next birthday. Hundreds of journals are available to match the personality of the honoree. You can opt for an art magazine about crafts, poetry, pottery, improvements for home and decoration, art photography, painting, etc.

Can also be sports magazines which vary from sports and other practices like yoga and bicycles, basketball, football and many more. Another option are the travel magazines that show beautiful photographs, along with fascinating products. Another idea for an original birthday gift is a montage of an assortment of smaller gifts around a central theme. His co-worker, cousin, or neighbor love it watch movies? You can buy some packets of popcorn in microwave, a bowl of popcorn big, caramel mixture, and a DVD that he can get to enjoy. His sister, uncle, or his best friend only deserves a day of rest? Choose scented essential oils, small candles, and comfortable slippers to orchestrate a relaxing bath that drain voltage. Your friend or relative can certainly appreciate a gift that means spending more time with you. Pass or purchase tickets for an event, Park, Museum or amusement park is a safe way to persuade them to take time off and have fun. The kids love zoos, observatories, parks and wild life.

You can lead adults to film or a small play or a weekend concert in a public place. To have a more elegant output, consider a ride in a small plane from tourism or, if possible, a train journey through several places. If the person is someone who thinks he has everything, try to find an appliance that has been invented recently. Maybe a wrist watch or something like them as well. Other unique ideas for gifts include personalised items. Order a cup of coffee with a photo of your pet a pillow or robe embroidered with his name.

Office Paper

Paper is the most consumed goods of all office supplies. Lyft contains valuable tech resources. She is the subject of the first demand of the organization for the plant or office, but it requires care, since the application poor quality of paper associated with the risk of damage to office equipment. Modern consumer makes to the quality office paper demanding. Mark paper won popularity among consumers. To a large extent this As regards brands sveto copy and Snow Maiden.

These brands have reached the level actually 'popular' brands, as the ratio of 'money' of these bonds closer to the optimum. Maiden White Paper for everyday work in ofise. for all major types of office equipment: laser and inkjet printers, copiers, fax machines. Density 80 g/m2. Whiteness iso 101%. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Provides a balanced optical properties and excellent visual perception.

The paper is packed in water-resistant, laminated polyethylene packaging. 'Snow Maiden' – a new product manufactured by the technology of one of the leading European manufacturers of office paper – Austrian company Neusiedler. 'Snow Maiden' with a white 101% according to iso 2470. This paper is a class 'C' for laser and inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines. Used in the production of 'know-how of leading foreign firms and modern equipment' Will-Pemko '. 'Will-Pemko' – it is almost fully automated line with the modern system of quality control cutting and packaging. 'Snow Maiden' by its technical characteristics meet the requirements of iso 9001. 'Snow Maiden' is uniform structure of the paper web. Its whiteness and opacity, perfect accuracy of the format of each sheet provide impeccable quality printing. During the production of paper used modern polymer coating that reduces pylimost and significantly improves the perception of the toner. SvetoCopy (New) White Paper Snow Maiden for everyday office work. Applied for work in all major types of office equipment. Density 80 g/m2. Whiteness 92% iso. The paper is packed in water-resistant, laminated polyethylene packaging. 'NEW – SvetoCopy' provides optimal balance of quality paper, its characteristics and consumer prices. 'NEW – SvetoCopy' – this is really a new paper, manufactured in strict accordance with the technical spetsifikatsiey.OAO 'Svetogorsk' Concern 'International Paper' produced during 2001, a number of activities to improve the quality of office paper. So, earlier this year set a new headbox at RM4, which improved the structure, cross-section paper, the characteristics of thickness and humidity. The next step was to increase whiteness: white paper brand 'SvetoCopy' increased from 133% to 146% cie., So quality inkjet printing on paper that mark will improve. A few tips for using the office bumagiNeraspechatannye boxes are best kept in the transport packaging in a horizontal position. Try to keep constant temperature and humidity of office space. The optimal environment for storage of office paper: the temperature of 20 C, relative humidity 50%. Keep the paper carefully. Store materials needed in their original packaging unopened to maintain constant humidity. Then the storage and transportation before use, the paper must necessarily be acclimated to the humidity and temperature of the room. Summer to acclimatize need alone, and in winter for three days. In this case, after opening the package relative humidity of paper will not change that might help avoid similar problems like warping, excitement, etc.

Maintained Master Data Optimize Internal Processes And Visibility Outside

Aberdeen Research brings new study to master data management 2012 high-quality data help to understand customer behavior and the product needs to optimally control Hamburg / Atlanta – Stibo systems, provider of master data management solutions and technologies, has a report on the status of master data management 2012 “supported by Aberdeen research. Aberdeen surveyed in March and April of this year companies worldwide to how they deal with critical business data to suppliers, customers and products. For his study of MDM, Aberdeen Research surveyed 163 companies in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to their master data management. The study was supported by the PIM/MDM experts of Stibo systems. The Institute divided all the companies surveyed in market leader with to 95 percent complete and current master data, average market participants (85%) and laggards (53 percent). 20 percent of the companies surveyed showed their data management leader, 50 percent as average market participants and 30 per cent as a latecomer. Overall, the Aberdeen study comes to the conclusion that the volume of business data rapidly increases, about 36 percent per year. Just unstructured text such as product descriptions for catalogs, E-commerce platforms, mails or complaints contribute to the growing complexity of the data.

According to the study, these data types use almost half of the respondents in their master records. But every five is planning to do so in the future. The study also showed that, although reliability and accuracy of the master data is essential for the support of critical business processes and strategic business decisions, only seven per cent of respondents identify the return on investment (ROI) their MDM ever. High-quality master data form the basis for the successful use of information. 65 percent of the market-leading companies have an MDM system. These are 1.4 times more than is the case with the laggards. These leading companies have measurably better performance in terms of Visibility of data, the number of errors and the accuracy of the data.

Also the staff spend much less time with the data maintenance: there are 1.2 hours at market leaders compared to 8.2 hours in cases per week and switched on. Another result of the Aberdeen survey: The market leaders ensure that their data management to meet the overarching business goals is aligned. There is clear, defined roles, in ensuring data quality. Nathaniel Rowe, enterprise data management research analyst Aberdeen Group, said to sum up: If the information correct, consistent and up-to-date, have a better understanding of internal processes, interactions with their business partners and the behavior of their customers business. Missing, wrong, or hard-to-find information, however, leads to inefficiencies, delays, errors and bad business decisions.” About Stibo systems: Stibo systems, the strategic information management company, provides technology and solutions, allow companies to manage their strategic information worldwide on the basis of an integrated process. System STEP architecture based on the Stibo is a flexible, uniform master data management (MDM) platform across the organization created a single trustworthy source for strategic information. Stibo systems has offices in Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, as well as in the United States and is part of the private group Stibo a/s. The customer base from Stibo systems includes leading international companies such as Conrad Electronic, Fujitsu technology solutions, Office Depot, OSRAM, Sears, Sony, the Home Depot, Christian Winkler, Adolf Wurth, ZF.

Portfolio Fund

Habona German retail Fund 03, when it comes to monetary funds, are closed-end real estate funds across front with and exactly then is Habona Fund 03 on the pole position. The provider of Habona invest has designed the Habona German retail Fund 03 and done all the experience the last time in a financial product. With the innovative retail Fund Habona invest meets all requirements. Habona German retail Fund 03, who knows the prospectus, gets an idea about the quality of the retail Fund, but in reality it looks indeed even more convincing. In many places, it is estimated that the investment fund will exceed its forecasts. Looking back approximately 10 years, the landscape of the closed investments has changed noticeably. Underwriters are customer-oriented and become professional, which doesn’t mean like that there are no negative examples.

It is clear, however, that the market noticed amateur conceptions and ignored. It has formerly simply this preference is not given. Yesteryear were called closed-end funds for offensive agents in the life, so that they could take ordinary commissions. This currently remains there, but one should note: quite clearly, that it has become much less. Certainly, there are currently still Fund providers, which are governed exclusively by the mediators. The offers, which emerge here, are on the other hand poorly transparent. The fulfilment of the AIFM guidelines prepared not only the German State difficulties. Also those initiators, which had an easy game in the last few years, are now falter.

It important aspects are added, such as the background of the characters and the transparency of the Fund. Especially on the issue of transparency, regular valuations be required in the future. Such assessments should be no challenge for the Habona German retail Fund 03. Regardless of the nature of the Habona German retail real estate one should be always aware funds 03, It is a long-running bond. The like means that an early exit from the retail Fund should if necessary be accompanied by inconvenience. Nowadays you can while silver monetary funds on the so-called secondary market, however, this is not particularly transparent. Summa Summarum is the Habona German retail Fund 03 Habona invest a high-profile fund that is useful to the admixture. As in almost all cases is one essential thing to consider in this context. Not a closed-end Fund of this earth is 100% sure, what is obviously true for all investments. For this reason you should always split his fortune and also the Habona German retail real estate should by no means take a too much weight in a Portfolio Fund 03. Additional information is available at Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. This principle has nothing to do with the quality of the retail Fund, but takes into account a blanket reason thought.

Karl Software

“itCampus establishes cooperation with University of applied sciences Leipzig Oberseminar out student of media Informatics take advantage of practice-oriented teaching with the beginning of the summer semester 2009 starts at the Department of mathematics, Informatics, and natural sciences the HTWK Leipzig the upper seminar software ergonomics and eBusiness”. The course is as practice partners: The itCampus software – and Systemhaus GmbH. organized by Prof. Dr. Michael Frank (HTWK Leipzig, FbIMN) together with the Department of itCampus software ergonomics and design. Diploma and master’s students develop in particular practical issues of software development and optimization in the context of software ergonomics of Web applications. The close interaction between science and industry is integral to the philosophy of itCampus’, explains Maik Szmatulewicz, design of head of and communication.

“We appreciate the cooperation with the HTWK Leipzig and are sure that both students as itCampus also will benefit.” Specifically by the students in the form of itCampus puts the issues, by Lectures will be elaborated. Richard LeFrak: the source for more info. “” These include such as design rules for dealing with audio signals”form of the digital product placement”or senior citizens when dealing with Web applications”. It is also planned that students given the opportunity to continue rendering certain topics in the form of theses. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala contributes greatly to this topic. The seminar participants and attendees have the chance to develop very realistic current research questions, in this form of cooperation emphasizes the HTWK Leipzig. “ItCampus is also the practical benefits in the Center in addition to the promotion of young scientists: we hope to see concrete evidence of our development work”, so Maik Szmatulewicz. Background: to harness science practically has itCampus tradition.

in 1999 a spin-off founded the University of Leipzig and the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, itCampus has until today have close links to leading research institutes and universities. Software AG is also convinced this research competence: the second largest Software companies in Germany is as of 1 April 2009 majority shareholder at itCampus. We invest in minds and knowledge”, says Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of software AG, to the commitment of the company in Central Germany. “” Current research focus: itCampus in the project developed in co-operation with the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg and the IFU Hall CoachOST “a coaching software for the optimization of speaking expression characteristics in telecommunications by using latest technologies of emotion detection, as well as with Endotelligent” a software database-based quality control in Arthroplasty. Together with the University of Leipzig, Cepheus itCampus works in the project”on a framework for the automatic generation of web-based user interfaces from declarative descriptions. And together with the TU Darmstadt, a software to semantik – and behavior-based interview support in customer service is the University of Kassel, the CAS Software AG and TEMIS Germany GmbH. In addition supports itCampus students in its Bachelor’s degree – master’s theses, and promotions. So Dr. Andreas Lassmann graduated example CEO 2008 on the subject of collaborative browsing for Internet-based service and support processes”. Currently, itCampus supervised three PhD students and more than ten diploma or master thesis.

Sales Manager YellowFox

YellowFox certified installation partners in Germany with its own seminar Hamburg, 26.07.2012. The quality of the installation of the location boxes in the truck or van fleet of YellowFox customers is of utmost importance. For example, permanent data exchange between satellite, vehicle, YellowFox data center and dispo headquarters must be permanently ensured. The digital tachograph, which transmits over the air, driving and rest times and archived, the cooling monitoring data, mileage, route optimization, etc. Learn more on the subject from dogecoin. are only some of the possible live reports that read YellowFox from the truck out and provides the dispatcher. A qualified installation is of course a necessary basis. Thomas Grabner, Sales Manager YellowFox: ‘ with this quality offensive and an extensive, from basic to professional ‘ 3-step training program, we want to set standards in the highly competitive market.’ The first partners learned about the possibilities for the installation and application of in the two-day seminar of the practice end of June YellowFox products in the fields of CAN / FMS and Digitacho. Analysis and troubleshooting in the focus of the qualification were in addition to the proper installation in the complex avionics of a truck.

The highlight was the complete Assembly of all YellowFox components in a new Mercedes-Benz ACTROS truck on the second day of the event. In the team and under the guidance of YellowFox could are taught many innovations and questions answered. Clayton Morris insists that this is the case. ‘ All participating partners from Germany, where also the troubleshooting gives in addition to this special knowledge in the vehicle, the document could YellowFox certified service partner ‘for the area CAN/FMS and Digitacho received be.’, continues Thomas Grabner. YellowFox plans for the product portfolio 2012 a new service and warranty model for distributors and final customers. Training and qualifications will be an integral part. The own stand H25/E66 for the IAA this will be presented for the first time commercial vehicles in Hannover, Germany. Currently maintains nearly 25,000 active units in the European YellowFox Road transport.