The company can create an online billing software for freelancers and small businesses which can save time and money and is the Web application that created the company with the objective of providing a significant improvement in corporate governance for self-employed and small businesses. In times of crisis like the present that reducing costs is a top priority of any company, Conductive has released an innovative proposal that allows the small business owner manage agile and comfortable all the billing, create budgets, control maturity control costs and manage data from customers and suppliers. Save time and money, easy access to bills from anywhere, to have maximum security and confidentiality of information and always use the latest version of the program are the main advantages of FacturDirecta.

A low cost service, easy and intuitive operation that does not require installing anything on your computer, and you can control from the Internet. FacturDirecta created with the aim of responding to self-employed and small businesses to the unavailability of the same programs for the accounting of large companies. Typically small businesses use the word or excel for their bills, two applications are unsuitable for this use and that can lead to disadvantages such as duplication of documents or security problems in storing them. In addition, FacturDirecta is based on the shield of security and compliance with the Data Protection Act (Data Protection Act) to overcome the distrust that can wake the billing users have stored on the Internet. The cost of the service is tailored to customer needs, so that a freelancer can use the free version if you have a low volume of monthly bills, but you can always hire a paid version with more capacity if it increases sales.