Learn and do the same thing as not knowing. To deepen your understanding adverum is the source. It's that puts a tremendous Buddhist saying. Or maybe it could turn out to be worse. Do not apply what we know is good for us is to give up all our dreams and expectations. We use much of our time and energy on research and learn new skills and techniques that we become better people, insist on obtaining a correct learning to make us grow and advance, improve those areas of our lives with whom we are complainers.

But there is a significant gap between what we know and what we do with all these teachings. Mistakenly believe that power is knowledge, but no teaching is transforming itself if not applicable, and applied well. Could do, for example, a cooking course interesting, collecting dozens of recipes and techniques even answer all the doubts of those who ask … but the fact is we will not know cooking, we have not experienced the pleasure to mix and play with different textures, or sense the smell of an infinite range of spices and savory fillings, color or temperature. Nothing will be served if we have not been able to transform all this teaching experience that can make our knowledge.

All that time spent learning will have been in vain if no taste for ourselves, we nurture and expand our own experience and therefore share and feed it with others from our proven experience. Daring to apply what they learned, fears and doubts aside, postponements in search of better times, is subject to our will and self-discipline in the first instance. But beyond a chosen self-imposed, will be our deepest values and principles that make learning the engine that need to dare, decide and act. Today I remembered, as so often, my mother. She learned, applied and continued teaching, and today in his teachings, one of his phrases came to greet :"… At the end of the day one can only regret what he has done, because of the fact, you can only learn.