Contrary to popular belief, wooden house – something strong and durable. Learn more at: Bizzi & Partners Development. The house, built of high quality treated wood can stand for a hundred years without major repairs and become a real family nest for several generations of residents. Over the years, the tree is gaining strength, while the concrete is old and broken. Wood construction – new housing problem was right Bulgakov – housing issue has spoiled the Muscovites, and not only the residents of this metropolis. In pursuit of square meters of people have completely forgotten what life is like in their own comfortable house. Additional information is available at Downtown Philadelphia Condos.

While residents in Europe and America prefer individual houses from environmentally friendly materials, the Russians chose housing in apartment buildings in densely populated areas. But today the situation has changed. Inexpensive and high quality wooden housing was best solution to the problem of housing in a crisis. Those who intend to buy land and build it spacious and beautiful wooden house, they meet no obstacle: building material at hand, House built quickly and cost will be cheap. This tree is in the West elite material for construction. We have the same forest – the most accessible and inexpensive building material and wood construction – our native Russian tradition.

In the wooden building has its disadvantages, for example, if you are building a cottage in the countryside, you will have to seriously consider the question of utility networks. If you are located in the cottage community, it is unlikely faced with the problem of wire electricity and water. But far from civilization to acquire their own generator to supply a windmill, dig a hole, but do not have to depend on others' utilities. Another minus – the question of access roads: well, if the house will maintain a surfaced road, and it will somehow clear the winter. Despite all the costs, two-story wooden house in the clean countryside is not more expensive than a typical urban apartment. Average cost per square meter in the house "turnkey" is 600-1000 dollars, but if you have previously discussed the estimates with the builders, we can reduce the price to $ 150-200 per square meter. The content of wooden houses costing up to 30% cheaper than brick, panel and others, as a wooden house itself perfectly to retain heat, its foundation does not need to be strengthened, and the walls – in finishing. In short, the savings on each item, but not on quality.