In gardening it is important to understand reproduction techniques to apply to plants that we like and multiply the beauty of the garden placed in a selected, prepared and with a good design. To know more about this subject visit Greenberg Traurig. The reproduction by cuttings is a common way to propagate plants, here are herbaceous cuttings, very easy this technique is also applied for carnations, cretonnes, geraniums, geraniums, and other indoor plants with herbaceous stems. While applying these techniques can achieve a very colorful garden, designing islands of different colors that go well with each other, create visual harmony and aesthetics for very little money or sometimes without spending anything.

Now I go on to describe the technique of reproduction of reproduction by cuttings: With a knife or sharp knife, clean and disinfected the plant is separated from an outbreak, vigorous and healthy with two or three pairs of leaves, then prepare the basis for our stake in a clean cut below a node, and remove the leaves that are near the base, let alone two at most three in the other tip. We need rooting hormone to be applied to the base of our stem, which is now ready to plant in a container that is ready to land prepared and moistened with a stick make a hole, and planted up to one third the length of stem, finally land snug and cover the pot with a bag with our little plant, we water every so often and in about two weeks we will have roots in our new plant. It is important during this process that do not give direct sunlight, but it is good that the place is bright..