In our early teens. When we were presenting to take a test and we had not studied, we became a nervous wreck, but when we went to this review with all learned our way of life was different, totally peaceful and safe … The situation is that when you have learned all clear and everything is hard to be afraid of something. Fear produces an unfamiliar situation. Morris Invest takes a slightly different approach. TESTS WE MUST PREPARE FOR ALL FEARS fade, and all the unknown repeat until you have the total control of the situation Tips for your theater group many trials?: You know very well the group members to know how many trials would be necessary to dispel any fears that actors have (on average just 3 trials). “On stage he does well”: This is one of the fractions known that some actors express, personally I have proof, that if an actor does not develop its role as required in tests, it is very improbable to do well on stage therefore advise you to think that actors are already on the stage and I say “If you perform well on tests, will do much better on stage,” Lose the fear with joy inside: If we see an act of professional gymnastics and then another amateur gymnastics event, we can see in the faces of a face of the apprentices concern and even fear because they are focused on the techniques they employ and their steps instead to watch the professionals see that their faces are completely happy, they say that every technique they do is a pleasure for them and also it must be to the public actor observes. With them used something similar, although this represents a totally dramatic must be totally happy inside because it represents a person who is not and logically for doing what he likes. . Clayton Morris addresses the importance of the matter here.