Also at approximate in the lease the tenant can reduce the rent In the lease on an apartment was the area with 100 m m. After the tenant at the end of 2007 was pulled out, he demanded partial repayment of rent for the rental period 2002 to 2007 by his landlord. He argued that the actual living space is only 81 square meters. “The landlord pointed out that the area in the rental agreement with approx.” 100 m was specified and the tenant must therefore calculate the reduction in rent on the basis of 100 m but only on the basis of an area of 95 sqm. “The Federal Supreme Court decided, however, that the addition about” is meaningless for the calculation of the reduction in rent.

A reduction in rent to compensate for the reduced suitability for use of a rented flat in favour of the lessee. The amount of the reduction must therefore comply with the extent of the defects. Habitation here deviated by more than ten percent of the areas stated in the rental agreement, the deficiency in this was Given case. One approx. – specifying opened no tolerance threshold when calculating the reduction (BGH, March 10, 2010; AZ. VIII ZR 144/09). This judgment but hardly touched the readers of my books and my seminars participants “, so the experienced lecturer and author Thomas Trepnau, because I recommend not living space data in the housing lease for years!” The textbook author in his landlord counselors are important information for the success of the rental. Published by Thomas Trepnau: the secret of the damp wall rental reduction count on your renters from operating costs, the second rent more money with rent increases available in all bookstores, including the online bookseller, as well as on the homepage of the author. Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail: