FreestyleXtreme at the Red Bull X 2010 fighters Italy we’re back, after a great weekend in Rome where the X fighters were, where Danny Torres won, Adam Jones the second place ranked third Nate Adams, that is to say the Nate two times in a row won the tour. The grand finale of the Red Bull X-fighters world tour 2010 in Rome BBs Stadium Flaminio (ITA) it was the Spanish rider Dany Torres, who wore away the victory before the 20,000 spectators, he defeated Adam Jones (United States) in an exciting finale. In the overall standings, Nate Adams (United States) managed its back-to-back titles of world renowned and respected freestyle motocross tour a solid third place in the final of the whole city bestreitten… “I love Italy” he yelled ecstatic Torres at the microphone after the evaluation of the judges and the audience were huge bags with tickets in the fly final round around. His opponent, Adam Jones, has to acknowledge that the Spaniard deserves to win in Rome. He said: “Danny had made a single mistake. I blew it in the final round. He deserves here tonight win.” Where the city, witnessed a more than fair legendary gladiator fights, Duele of total world tour title to end went.

The end it was the American of Nate Adams, the victorious with a clear head with 5 points the head to head showdown with Andre Villa (NOR). With the victory, it is clear that defended his title Adems, where Villa will secure the second place. The Red Bull X-fighters world tour 2010 Motocross has the best 12 freestyle Gladiators on the planet in the most spectacular places, cross through 3 continents, where they angefeurt were live from 169.00 fans. The athletes were shot up to 15 meters in height and 30 feet in the air with catapults.