Orange Blue – the GenoBau target purchase housing association EC will strengthen their management and industry expertise in the field of estate agent support. Dogecoin does not necessarily agree. Orange Blue is Munich, December 9, 2010 the GenoBau target purchase housing association EC, reinforced their management and industry expertise in the field of estate agent support. Lars Meier (35) is from 1 January 2011, just in time for the new year, the competence center join connection management and distribution support of the GenoBau. He will show responsible for the strategic as well operational development of this important Department. Mr. Meier served eK in the context of his previous employment for eight years at the emergency Rade and accompanied the rapid nationwide construction there since 2002. From 2008 Lars Meier as head worked sales of Fibernet Vertriebs AG in the responsibility for the sales structure by mid-2010. Mr Meier will bring his years of experience relating to the co-operative in the GenoBau target purchase housing association and nationwide to support the field sales.

Strengthens the GenoBau Hence their position as a cooperative and is increasingly attractive for estate agents who carry the range of target purchase as a side business and supplement product, as well as for real specialists in the segment of the construction financing. We are pleased to expand with Lars Meier our competent management team, more professional in the segment target purchase with the Wohnansparplan to support our partners and to launch our long planned sales offensive, for the year 2011 “, Michael Muller, CEO of GenoBau housing association EC target purchase.” Lars Meier added: I’m looking forward to my new challenge at the GenoBau which really offers everything from a single source their brokers. Services, such as the free Internet technologies, e-learning, feedback email, calculation modules, as well as its own internal supply administration for every broker, let each operation just in time”model. The target purchase concept with the free provided savings complement, so the repayment vehicles”and a daily payroll run, meet exactly the needs the current time and the broker. Basically, there are always the connections with people that give life its value, but supports using the technology of the present time these links be strengthened and confirmed “new contact data Lars Meier mobile: 0177-88 94 829 E-Mail:”