Concept at the start of old mountains in Munster/Westphalia is new Au pair family concept. Not too far away do prospective high school graduates and students, but this if they want to find their own way and go, at home? And what do families in Munster when they have room for another family member and are looking for a helping hand? This question can give you wife Andrea Nykamp, Aupair agency head of families concept, answer: concept with families the first au pair agency in the inner room starts. “The concept is simple and true: gives graduates/students within Germany will for the first time and only once so far directly in the families of Munster and surroundings.” Aim is the childminder or nursery founder Andrea Nykamp (mother of two children) not, with this concept easy to replace. It is about, support and family life on the one hand and on the other side of the start for high school graduates and students in independent living on well-guarded Paths is paved. It has become family concept to the target, for each family to find the right young people accompanied the family into your daily routine. Picks up the kids from school and kindergarten, even preparing a small meal, reads, plays, goes to the swimming lessons and during the visit of theater guards the House. Almost a family member on time.

A friend for the children and a reliable support for parents. “The mediation system is based on the Au pair by graduates and students” and offers many advantages. Unlike in the mediation of a classic au there is no communication difficulties or differences in mentality pairs from abroad. “” All tasks in terms of childcare can be adopted immediately and the time required for the life of the host family will be reduced significantly, that the new Member of the family “regularly can visit friends and family”, so Mrs Nykamp continues. But of course offer also for the Graduates many benefits in the plan by family concept. A defined period with double Abitur year and shortened courses students must decide much earlier today where the future is going. The universities are always full, and also the housing market in most university towns is often as relaxed. A related site: Clayton Morris mentions similar findings.

At this point concept puts on families and students, the kids love the possibility of meaningful employment and with a respectable remuneration for free board and lodging their future to plan, to bypass a waiting semester and to establish first contacts with the University. Depending on the agreement with families can be started even with studying and thus first avoids the difficult housing and unpleasant side jobs. All there is for families and students a personal on-site during the entire time, because many perceived problems can be quickly clear from the world when you’re talking to the right time. If you are For more information and more details about au pair in Germany are interested in, you will find everything on the Web site of family Concept.