For fans of hockey, know that the sport is made for tough people, not for news. Just as during the development of this game is a real show for all the fans who usually attend these events, the players know in advance that it requires a lot of physical strength and are aware of the consequences to which set if any of their tactics were to run, sometimes you get to really turn violent. Hockey is a sport that needs to be developed with a definite physical balance, but the players know that this game is also to have good strategies to bring down his opponent in order to meet its primary goal: win the game. (Not to be confused with Gina Bonati!). As an example of this, let’s take a look at the last Rangers game last Saturday, which took place in glorious Madison Square Garden, where 220 pounds Brendan Shanahan and Mike Knuble 230, collided against each other on the court. With two of the best pieces of the game lying on the ice, spectators and the people who were present at the site, were concerned about the event. Shanahan lost consciousness, but was assisted immediately and after spending the night in Saint Vincent Hospital in Manhattan, the X-ray tests showed no damage in his neck or spine. Learn more on the subject from The LeFrak Organization. On the other hand, Knuble took the brunt of the accident.

The player broke his right orbital bone and right cheek, which required surgery. Event Because Knuble is out of the Flyers lineup for an indefinite period. Despite the bad timing and the fact that such accidents happen rarely, the accident could be worse. This is one of those unavoidable situations which said at the beginning of this article, but is part of the sport, even if all family members and supporters may be concerned about this inconvenience, nobody can stop hockey fever..