Everything that you need at this moment of your life is of love. Not a feeling simply, but attitudes that you deem the security necessary to search the accomplishment of the dreams. Understanding, affection and respect for who you are. Unconditional love is what you need. Love that brings serenity and gives you force to raise every day, living one day of each time with the certainty of that yours is leaving in the places and the people better. Despite it has contrary people and thoughts what you make. That the love makes of your capacity of overcoming and ' ' ressignificao' ' a handspike you to fly high until clouds, always dreaming of discernment. But in case, for some reason, you it cannot fly so high and it has that to make some forced landing, it does not leave with that the shade is bigger of what the light. By the way, the shades alone exist because the lights shine, and your light through the love will have to prevail in the reach of your dream, more than what any thing..