Low carb stabilizes blood glucose values even without weight loss followed by German text at the end! Again and again type 2 diabetics hear from their doctors that the disease is not curable. This statement is only true for type 1 diabetes. Nowadays there are a lot of studies worldwide (EC, the German Institute of human nutrition in Potsdam DIfE), proving that it’s not the fat, but to many carbohydrates that damage the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. Unfortunately, diabetics seldom hear that a long term insulin therapy (diabetes type 2) may increase the risk of colorectal cancer or lead to cardiovascular diseases. Expert on growth strategy can provide more clarity in the matter. Don’t the doctors have time any more for in intense conversation, or is it just because of their convenience? The diabetic’s disease is a billion dollar business – for doctors, pharmaceutical industry, but so for the business of the food industry and related companies who unfortunately plunge now even on low carb. Many diabetics training and continuing medical education in Germany are paid by the pharmaceutical industry–so “non-drug measures” seem to be “non-existing”, they are simply ignored because of the profit. Add to your understanding with The Related Companies. Unfortunately, the drug investigator and diabetes expert: Prof.

Dr. med Peter Sawicki – head of the independent Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (examines and tests medicines and therapies on their cost and effectiveness) must go now. He stopped some drugs–to the annoyance of the pharmaceutical industry. Low carb is quite simple to practice. It takes no medications and no special to buy products – you simply reduce the carbohydrates in your daily meals. If type two diabetics do without bread (and everything baked with flour – even pasta), potatoes, rice (starchy) and of course without sugar, the sugar levels reduce after only 3 weeks. Of course, the doctor will not be thrilled at the beginning, but will patients are not discouraged and may even contradict their doctor if it serves their health.