A new form of management, which presumes to publish information, but can bring many valuable inputs. -The management often only refers to the internal functions in a company. Business plans, master plans and strategies are treated as Holy Grail and may not be available for the discussion until right at the customer. But the privacy of customers is already public. Clayton Morris is actively involved in the matter. The mood and the experiences are published in real time on Facebook and Twitter. This promotes not only the communication between each other, but helps the others to understand and to discover the new. Contact information is here: Robert J. Shiller. Social seen users so mutually strengthening. The world is becoming a village.

A village, which was economically even before globalisation. During the industrialisation the individual but was replaced humans and machines through the mass production. Companies invested much time since establishing an imaginary personality. Even family-owned company have been intangible structures, the people behind the scenes disappeared behind glass facades. As a customer a company only as a major brand is perceived and the relationship has become so impersonal.

But the rapid growth of Web 2.0 concepts, Facebook and Twitter shows that the company has the need to communicate with the others and get to know the other as an individual. Web 2.0 management why this not also insert and into the corporate strategy? During the blogging boom was to attract individual customers directly over the Internet and involving which but shot over the target already tried with a new concept: brand of erschuffen fake blogs, where people of products raved about, which allegedly even used it and run ending in reported. Other bloggers picked it up, wrote about himself and thus distributing the product out into the wide world. The supposed brand fans as imaginary, created by the marketing team people flew up, the damage to the brand and the product was inevitable. Handysocken.ch tackle but exactly with this approach.